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‘Join Hands with the Global South!’

Sept. 6, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Helga Zepp-LaRouche delivered the following opening remarks in her weekly “Live Dialogue” webcast today.

The momentum of building a new economic system, according to an insider who is very much involved in constructing this new economic system, is going on at breathtaking speed which even he, who is an old hand in these matters, finds completely surprising. Because things are moving very fast.

While the BRICS 11 process is going on, with basically six more countries joining the BRICS by the beginning of next year, one of them is under severe attack, Argentina, by the financial powers that be. Nevertheless, this BRICS process is inspiring all of the Global South countries.

On the other side, it is also very clear that in the so-called Global North, meaning the North Atlantic countries on both sides of “the pond,” the establishment is not reflecting on what that means, that the majority of the world is moving in a different direction. The Ukraine war is not going anywhere, at least, not from the standpoint of those who would like Ukraine to win, it’s escalating and that involves many dangers. But there’s also a clear sign to increasingly shift the conflict to the Indo-Pacific, or an additional aspect of the conflict to the Indo-Pacific, to Taiwan, and to just keep doing what they were doing: Trying to have Global NATO, a unipolar world which no longer exists.

At the same time, because of the mass media control, only that small portion of the population in every country who are self-motivated and who are individually following their own sources—reading and watching TV and radio and media from China, from Russia, from Africa—those people are completely aware of the fact that with the BRICS development there is a completely new strategic situation, which also creates completely new options for countries like Germany, for example, or Italy, France. But the majority of the population are left in the dark, because if you read about the BRICS-related developments in the mass media, all you read is “tensions between India and China,” which supposedly is the reason why Xi Jinping is not going to the G20 summit in New Delhi. Putin is not going, so obviously, Bloomberg said, quoting, naturally, unnamed sources, that this will be used by the Europeans to put utmost pressure on the Africans to distance themselves from Russia and China.

Now, I would say, this is too late. Because the awareness of the countries of the Global South, in Latin America, in Africa, in Asia, about this new strategic, let’s say “division”—that the majority of what used to be called the Non-Aligned Movement, is now in earnest trying to set up their own economic system which allows for the development of all of them—that is unstoppable. And I really think that no coup, no effort to destabilize them via color revolutions and the usual kinds of things, will be sufficient. Because right now we are in, I think, an historic change, as occurs only once in a thousand years, because this ends colonialism, which started around 1500.

I think one could also interpret the fact that Russia and China are not going—at least not the heads of state—to the G20 summit in India, and they’re sending their foreign ministers instead, may have to do with the fact that the break of trust between the Global South and NATO is so deep, that maybe they regard other meetings as more important, like ASEAN and for sure the upcoming Vladivostok meeting [of the Eastern Economic Forum on Sept. 10-13], because this is where they’re making their treaties, they’re making their investment plans and so forth.

So the speed of the integration is escalating and continuing. The Western establishments are absolutely unwilling to recognize that everything that is happening is not the evil doing of Russia or China, or any one of these countries, but it’s the blowback against their own policies. And the populations in the West are still, for the most part, relatively clueless. But those who do understand that the way out of the economic and financial crisis in Europe, for example, in Germany and other countries, would be to cooperate fully with the countries of the Global South.

And that is what the Schiller Institute conference on Sept. 9 is all about. We have excellent speakers lined up, very much representing the Global South. So you will hear “straight from the horse’s mouth” what is the real intention of countries like those in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. And obviously, they have a completely different view of the world: They’re extremely optimistic, they’re talking about space cooperation, nuclear power, breakthroughs in thermonuclear fusion power. And so, if you want to get an optimistic idea about the future, then you should definitely tune in at 9 a.m. EDT (13:00 UTC) this Saturday for the Schiller conference, and become part of this movement, because it’s one of the most exciting moments in history, to actually see the emergence of a system which will put justice on the agenda.

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