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Buenos Aires Seminar Addresses the Potential of Argentine Membership in the ‘BRICS 11’

Sept. 8, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Yesterday, Rubén Darío Guzzetti, a friend of the Schiller Institute, member of the International Peace Coalition (IPC) and speaker at the Sept. 9 Schiller Institute conference, addressed an event in Buenos Aires sponsored by the Institute for Geopolitical Studies (IADEG), entitled “BRICS 11, Potential and Challenges for Argentina and China.” During the event, Guzzetti announced the Sept. 9 Schiller Institute conference to the 60 people who attended.

All of the speakers are China experts, including Guzzetti, his colleague Raul Olmos of IADEG, Nestor Restivo, editor of the Dangdai daily (which only reports on Argentina-China, Ibero-America-China relations), and Jorge Malena of the Argentine Center of International Relations (CARI).

According to Dangdai’s report today, Guzzetti discussed the relevance of the BRICS expansion to 11 members, and particularly how Argentina’s announced membership had given hope to many Argentines that it will positively impact the outcome of the high-stakes presidential elections on Oct. 22 and lead to the defeat of the fascist Javier Milei. Olmos pointed to the positive economic, political, cultural and civilizational implications of the expanded BRICS, while Restivo emphasized the importance of Argentina’s membership and noted the diverse local commentary as well as criticism.

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