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Chatham House Mulls How To Cut India ‘Down To Size’

Sept. 8, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Never imagine, that just because the British are eager to turn India against China, they are not working simultaneously, and just as eagerly, to keep India down (and preferably back in “its place” as a British colony).

The King’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), known as Chatham House, led its weekly news summary email today with its “expert comment” that India’s desire to use the G20 summit to establish itself as a major player on the world stage, can still be wrecked. Headline: “The G20 Showcases India’s Growing Power. It Could Also Expose the Limits of Its Foreign Policy.”

Author Chietigj Bajpaee protests that India, as China did before, is asserting its right to play a leading role in shaping humanity’s future. He complains: “New Delhi firmly believes that its time has come. Like China, India has abandoned any notion of ‘biding time’ or maintaining a low profile under the Modi government.”

Unfortunately, he must admit, India has had “a year of milestones,” landing on the Moon, surpassing China as the world’s most populous country, and “overtak[ing] the U.K. as the world’s fifth-largest economy,” among them. And now, “India’s G20 presidency can be regarded as a historic moment, announcing its confirmation as a major global power, an event every bit as significant as China’s 2008 Olympics. But...”

Chatham House’s “but” is based on its determination to force every nation, India included, to line up either with the NATO bloc, or with the Global South. “New Delhi’s longstanding commitment to ‘strategic autonomy’ or ‘omni-alignment’ is being put to the test amid the breakdown in relations between major powers, including Russia and the West, and growing fissures in the U.S.-China relationship,” the Chatham House “expert” writes.

“New Delhi’s push for an expanded role for the Global South also faces geopolitical hurdles,” because, he asserts, the SCO and the BRICS are turning anti-Western.

“India is seeking to strike a balance between advocating for a more equitable distribution of power in the international system while avoiding being seen to promote an anti-Western agenda.... India’s G20 theme of ‘Vasudhaivi Kutumbakam’[sic] (‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’)—is being challenged in the midst of an increasingly polarized and potentially bifurcated international system.”

There is just one little flaw in RIIA’s strategy: Its premise that humanity is not one family, that nations will never join together on behalf of all humanity, and therefore their crude divide-and-conquer strategies will continue to ensure eternal imperial rule. There is a world revolution underway right now proving them wrong!

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