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New Massive Protest Demo against Pro-NATO Government in Czech Republic

Sept. 17, 2023, (EIRNS)—A Czech source reported today that more than a 100,000 protesters gathered in Prague yesterday, demanding the immediate resignation of the Fiala government, which is a puppet of NATO and the EU. It was organized by the PRO party, in which P is “P-pravo” which is rights, and R is “Respect” and O is “Odbornost” which is “Knowledge of facts.” The demo’s leader is a lawyer Jindrich Rajchi, PhD, who is well respected, as were other ten professionals who spoke.

This new government leadership has taken over, after the previous leaders Vrobel and Havel had to leave because of a scandal and split. It means this is a very strong anti-establishment movement in Czechia. The demo speeches were as always very programmatic, with a headmaster taking up the EU mismanagement of the school system. Another speaker protested the EU-protected speculation driving up electricity prices five times as the cheap national power is traded on the power exchange in Leipzig, Germany. The EU policy of blocking Russian oil means that the same oil is now bought on the black market at three times the original price. There was an absolute rejection of allowing any U.S. military bases. A new speaker took up the situation In Africa, addressing the resistance to threats from France, NATO and ECOWAS to invade Niger. She also mentioned the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg. All this was subject to discussions as the demonstration continued after marching to a major Prague park where several smaller meetings were held.

Very important also for the Czech movement is the election on Sept. 30 in neighboring Slovakia, where their sister party SMER, under the leadership of Robert Fico, challenges Bratislava’s very pro-NATO government there. Fico is, just as Rajchi, very much on the line of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In solidarity with their Slovakian brothers, the big demonstration in Prague ended with singing the national anthem, but this time, the old Czechoslovakian anthem from when the two nations were united.

There is a four-hour video from the demonstration and march.

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