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Anglo-American Imperium Bounds Towards Nuclear War; Growing Necessity and Potential of New Path Forward

Oct. 1, 2023, (EIRNS)—It takes a strong stomach, and a stronger conviction to act, to look directly at the evil of the Anglo-American imperium, which has again demonstrated its willingness—no, its desire—to threaten nuclear extermination of the human race rather than give up its hegemony. Grant Shapps, the U.K.’s Secretary of State for Defense, told the Telegraph that he had held talks with Army leaders about moving “more training and production” of military equipment into Ukraine. He calls on more British defense firms to set up factories in Ukraine. Shapps revealed that he has spoken with Zelenskyy about how Britain’s Royal Navy could play a role in defending commercial vessels from Russian attacks in the Black Sea. Following a meeting with personnel involved in training Ukrainians in the U.K., Shapps said, “I was talking today about eventually getting the training brought closer and actually into Ukraine as well.”

Setting up British factories (with British workers) in Ukraine? Having a naval showdown with Russia on the Black Sea? Sending military trainers into Ukraine itself? What happens when Russia destroys these factories and vessels, and kills workers and military service members? What could prevent all-out Russia-NATO warfare at that point?

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev responded bluntly:

“One newly minted moron, the British Secretary of State for Defence, decided to move the U.K. military training of Ukrainian soldiers into Ukraine. That is, to turn the British military instructors into our Armed Forces’ legal targets; while being fully aware that they will be ruthlessly eliminated, and this time not as mercenaries but as British NATO specialists.”

Medvedev also responded to the statement by the head of the German Bundestag Defense Committee, that international law allows strikes on Russian territory, regardless of who produced the weapons. She is urging the supply of British

“Taurus missiles to enable the Kiev regime to hit deep into Russia’s territory to weaken the supply of our army,” Medvedev added. She claims that it is in accord with international law. Medvedev: “Well, in that case the strikes against the German plants which produce these missiles, will also fully correspond to international law.”

The insane actions by Britain and Germany, to escalate the proxy war into a direct one, run counter to a growing current of world sentiment and action.

The people of Slovakia have just granted an electoral victory to Robert Fico, who demands “immediate peace negotiations.” The two-time former prime minister says “It is better to negotiate peace for 10 years and stop military operations than to let the Ukrainians and Russians kill each other for another ten years without results.”

U.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene denounced the U.K. plans to send trainers to Ukraine. “They are going to start WWIII,” she tweeted. “The U.S. cannot participate. NO AMERICAN TROOPS!”

The risk is great. On Sept. 26, Dmitry Medvedev had tweeted that between Canada praising Nazis in the Parliament and Ukraine receiving Abrams tanks and ATACMS missiles,

“Russia, it seems, is being left with less and less choice except direct ground conflict with NATO, which has turned into an openly fascist bloc like Hitler’s Axis, just bigger. We are ready, even though the end-result will be achieved at a far greater cost for mankind, than in 1945.”

Major victories are needed, both within NATO countries—especially the U.S.—and from around the world to raise the call for peace and negotiations, as an estimated 50 nations did at the UNGA General Debate. Work with the LaRouche movement to achieve that victory!

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