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The Prometheus—Not Pandora—Impulse in Universal History

Oct. 2, 2023, (EIRNS)—We will, over the next two weeks, and in a series of activities, organize to place the voice of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Diane Sare, and the Schiller Institute and LaRouche Organization into much greater prominence. The specific locus of concentration in the next days, is in the rapid expansion of the Friday deliberations of the International Peace Coalition. This intersects the temporary “political culture shock” in the aftermath of the significant, if not yet decisive, vote in the Congress on this past Saturday, Sept. 30, against including any money for the Ukraine war in the “budget bill.”

At the moment, destabilization and “surprise” among the policy establishment is seen throughout the trans-Atlantic sector, from Canada, to Washington, to the entirety of Europe. Though NATO (27 of whose EU foreign ministers recently met on an emergency basis with Zelenskyy and others in Kiev) is nasty, and lethally so, it is also reactive, and therefore predictable. Africa, Asia and South America continue to be defiantly unconvinced of the righteousness of the “Ukrainian cause,” as they increasingly are about other matters, from “global warming policy” to “immigration policy.” And the failed “counter-offensive” by Ukraine has meant that, when Zelenskyy tried to go to Congress, he and his handlers were too tone-deaf to realize that you should never ask the same people for more tens of billions of dollars to fight a war whose “decisive” battle you have just lost. That’s called “throwing good money after bad,” not to mention lives. Though people don’t say it out loud, you have become personally synonymous with failure, including “among your own people.”

In contrast, despite views to the contrary, the Zepp-LaRouche promotion of the German “Ending the War by a Negotiated Peace” initiative, is an example of how to violate the ostensibly “unbreakable” constraints of the British intelligence-orchestrated advocacy of total war, including thermonuclear war. Look at what Britain just did, using the “deniable” Nazi SS caper in the Canadian Parliament. As one publication pointed out, “The appearance of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in front of the Canadian Parliament was an important political event that was meticulously prepared. Invited guests would have been thoroughly vetted for security reasons. This is especially true for a ‘guest of honor’ like Hunka, who was called by name and officially celebrated.”

But if one concludes that the act was intentional, and acknowledges, as Russia would, that all governmental functions in Canada are supervised by the British Crown, what is the intended message? What are the recent statements by the British Defense Minister? What have been the actions of a succession of British prime ministers in recent years? What has been the impact on the United States, particularly on the Trump Administration and the last two U.S. elections, through Christopher Steele, MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove, GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan, and former British Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Kim Darroch?

A team of German senior political and military professionals calling for peace negotiations, however, in the context of the embarrassing, but obviously true, revelation that Chancellor Olaf Scholz would have okayed, and therefore implicitly participated in a U.S.-directed terrorist attack on Germany and Russia, in the case of the Nord Stream pipeline, creates a counterposition to the British-orchestrated show. And German anti-war forces have just convened in Frankfurt, and announced the intention to hold a November rally opposing the present drive into Armageddon.

As for those whose objection to the German initiative is that “the negotiation ship has sailed, and diplomacy must now yield to the battlefield for the final decision,” they should consider that the primary battlefield is inside the human mind. The Greeks won the battle of Marathon in the amphitheater of the Parthenon, through the tragic dramas Aeschylus and others presented to the entire city of Athens, to fortify those citizens, years before, for the day of the great battle that would come much later.

A final note: Unless they took notice of the State Department’s announcement on Sept. 29 of its “Global Music Diplomacy Initiative,” the relevant international intelligence agencies and observers that should have caught this, missed an opportunity to reveal, including to those that would rather not know, how British intelligence control of the United States actually works. A not-so-veiled attack against the various Chinese Global Security, Development, and Health Initiatives, State’s “Global Music Diplomacy Initiative” is, however, too late: The Schiller Institute’s Special Musical Operation has not only already been launched; it has already been deployed in China, by a Schiller Institute delegation, which has just returned from there.

For greater insight into this, we refer interested parties to the first paragraphs of the Schiller Institute’s’ petition/statement, “Poet of Freedom Friedrich Schiller’s ‘The Artists’ Shall Be the Standard for Overturning the Cultural Breakdown That Obstructs Peace and Drives Mankind to Global Nuclear War.” The Institute is presently gathering signatures on its statement.

“Humanity has arrived again at the crossroads anticipated during the period of the American Revolution by Friedrich Schiller, the Poet of Freedom, who in 1785 published the work known in virtually all languages, the ‘Ode to Joy,’ where it is declared: ‘All Mankind will become Brothers’ (‘Alle Menschen werden Brüder’). The poem had such a great impact in that era, that composer Ludwig van Beethoven spent decades of his life pinpointing the ‘seed crystal’ embedded within the poem which would finally blossom into his final four-movement symphony, itself a monument to the principles of classical composition.

“This reference point must be awakened in the hearts and minds of all those who view themselves as ‘Artists,’ if our civilization is now to succeed in mankind taking the crossroads announced by the leaders of the BRICS, on Aug. 22-24, and other associations coming together to create a New Just World Economic reorganization of the collapsing dollar-based financial system, and end the spread of global war, which if allowed to continue will definitely become nuclear war. 

“Among the Artists of the last century, the internationally renowned violin soloist Yehudi Menuhin, a devoted advocate for the foundation of the United Nations, exemplified Schiller’s portrayal of that true Artist whose determination to eliminate the causes of war left a legacy to be followed.”

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