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The End of McCarthyism

Oct. 3, 2023, (EIRNS)—In a shocking development Tuesday evening, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted from his position in the U.S. House. While the details and fallout from this will become more clear in the coming days, the vote is undeniably a sign of the overall revolt against the faceless tragic force that is driving the U.S., and the world, into the abyss.

The effort was headed up by Congressman Matt Gaetz, and centered around the dirty dealings McCarthy had made with the Democrats over further aid to Ukraine—to which a growing number of Republicans and Americans in general are opposed. The Oct. 3 vote puts the continued funding for Ukraine into question, on top of the fact that Western nations’ military stockpiles are literally running out, jeopardizing even basic national reserves. Someone might want to call the dentist, as the gnashing of teeth is getting louder.

Then there is the ongoing diplomatic spat between Ukraine and Poland—previously one of the fiercest defenders of Ukraine—which is continuing its downward spiral. Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said this week that Ukraine’s actions have “shaken” the trust between the two nations, and that rebuilding the relationship will require “titanic efforts.” Add to this the Sept. 30 election victory in Slovakia, another fierce defender of Ukraine, by Robert Fico as Prime Minister. Fico has openly called for ending support for Ukraine, and instead urged for convening peace negotiations, and has also called out Ukraine’s fascist Banderite problem. At a recent campaign event, Fico said those who support Ukraine’s fascist Azov Battalion, which has infected the entire Ukrainian Armed Forces, “are trampling on the legacy of the Slovak National Uprising”—the 1944 revolt against German occupation forces. In cases like this, deep cultural surges are being activated.

Try blaming that on “Russian disinformation” all you want, but the undead ghost of Canada’s Ukrainian Waffen SS member Yaroslav Hunka may just pop up to correct you—and there are an increasing number of people who are no longer willing to drink the Kool-Aid.

Consider also the renewed attacks on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., one of the few outspoken voices opposing the drive for war with Russia, following his expected decision to break from the Democratic Party and run as an Independent. Despite trying to ignore him for months, now that he has decided to no longer play by the rules of the “party” game, he is causing pundits to hyperventilate that he may upset the 2024 elections.

As if it couldn’t get more shameful, Keir Giles of Chatham House/Royal Institute of International Affairs, has been trotted out to set the record straight. Giles’s job is about as unlucky as the guy trying to convince freed inmates of the wonderful time they’re missing out on in prison. In his Oct. 2 op-ed in Politico, “Fighting against the U.S.S.R. Didn’t Necessarily Make You a Nazi,” Giles goes out on a limb to explain that “history is complicated,” and one really must have sympathy for the “nuanced truth” of how one, such as Canada’s favorite Ukrainian hero Yaroslav Hunka, became of Waffen SS Nazi.

In other words: Yes, they are desperate!

But, as the perceptive mind will have already figured out, this tragic force is far beyond one of self-aggrandizement or corrupt double-dealing. They know their game is up, that there is no prospect other than disaster, yet the policy is continued, goose-stepping, forward. As the Wall Street Journal admitted Oct. 1, a loss in Ukraine “would ultimately undermine the rules-based international order.” Or, as was said by historian Richard Sakwa at this week’s Valdai Club meeting in Russia, the forward march of the BRICS and new relationships forming in the world is causing strong resistance in the West, because it undermines its dominance.

There is a limit to a tyrant’s power. That is not merely a saying, but a physical principle of the universe that cannot be ignored, at least not forever. The evils and lies that have been committed to bring the world to this point of sleepwalking into a nuclear conflict must give way to a new just, security and development architecture which truthfully addresses the underlying causes of war.

That is the significance of a breakout within the United States. Now the rest of the lid must be taken off.

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