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No Money for Ukraine! No World War III with Russia!

Oct. 7, 2023, (EIRNS)—The above headline is the message already going into the U.S. Congress from activated Americans, and about to be amplified many times over in the coming hours. It is also the focus of international activity in the works for this week, from capital cities and other locations worldwide, led by networks associated with the International Peace Coalition.

It is plain to see that the U.S. Congress is in upheaval, with only a placeholder for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives, and a presidential election process in which the “brand name” Kennedy candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is being forced out of the Democratic Party. He is calling for ending the Ukraine combat, and supporting talks to settle the conflict. The most popular Republican, former President Donald Trump, is the target for lock-up by multiple court charges, and under threat of immediate jailing from a judge’s gag order for simply talking. Trump is calling for ending the Ukraine conflict, and offering to do so.

However the reaction to this Washington upheaval, either stateside or anywhere else in the world, cannot be passive wonderment and bystanding. It is the time for action.

The right action question was posed yesterday, by informed commentator Col. Douglas Macgregor (ret.). He stated rhetorically, “Does Congress listen to the American people?” His point was, yes, they can be made to do so. He reminded listeners that during the Obama Administration, his warhawks were stopped from bombing Syria, and likely detonating World War III against Russia, by a surge of fury from citizens into Congress to not dare to go along with this Executive Office madness.

Now is the window of opportunity to focus extreme pressure on Congress. Do so, and we even widen the window, to let in the policy discussion on the fundamental matters of reversing the economic/social collapse process. During the Congressional tumult, the order will sound loud and clear to stop the funding for Ukraine warfare, and make way for talks to end the conflict. Congress alone has the Constitutional power to authorize war, and to authorize funds to conduct the war.

The warhawks in the Biden Administration are already on the move to continue funds and hardware to Ukraine, to hell with Congress. On Oct. 11 is the next scheduled Ukraine Contact Group meeting, this time in Brussels, for a self-declared group of several dozen nations, to pledge more armaments, led by the U.S., U.K. and NATO. Reuters reported on Oct. 6 that the U.S. military will unveil a weapons package in Brussels of ammunition and ground vehicles, likely to total $200 million. They offer as an excuse that the funding will come from monies left over from a past authorization.

However, the same day, a rally is in the works to take place prominently at the U.S. Capitol, to give Congress marching orders to do its duty and represent what the home districts want, or get un-elected. “No money for Ukraine, No World War III with Russia.” Sending in the same message from district offices around the U.S., and locations around the world will clinch the impact.

U.S. Senate candidate from New York Diane Sare issued a video call for action on Oct. 4, which is hitting home with dozens of thousands of viewers. Sare said: “We are in a revolutionary moment.... The majority of the American people want the funding to stop.... Get to your Representative. We can tip the balance. We can stop this war by cutting off funding to Ukraine.

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