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Stand Up for Humanity: No World War with Russia/China; No Money for Arms to Ukraine

Oct. 9, 2023, (EIRNS)—There are two reactions internationally to the terrible events of last weekend in Israel/Gaza, now worsening by the minute. There are those trying to exploit it out of geopolitical, evil intent, and there are those calling for ceasefire, calm, and for addressing and solving the factors that led to such a horror. Out of respect for the terrible personal anguish immediately involved, there is no other vantage point from which to view the crisis, except from the highest level, in order to take action to end it.

On the geopolitical side are many fateful moves. The U.S. has sent into the Eastern Mediterranean, as a show of force and readiness for attack, a battle group led by the world’s largest aircraft carrier the USS Gerald R. Ford. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered munitions and supplies to Israel to support maximum revenge action. The European Union today suspended all life-maintaining humanitarian aid for Gaza. The European Commission acted without even consulting its 27 member nations. They will meet in emergency session Tuesday, Oct. 10. The EU suspended its aid, at the same time that Israel has imposed a “complete siege” to cut off all electricity, water, food and other supplies to the 2.3 million people of Gaza.

Altogether, the death toll among Palestinians and Israelis, and other nationalities from Thailand to the U.S., is more than 2,000, with thousands injured, and no stopping in sight.

On the side of reason and compassion, there are calls for a ceasefire, for starting talks, and for dealing with the impacted misery in Gaza and Palestinian territories, and for establishing the two states of the peoples of Israel and Palestine. This was jointly reiterated today by the Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit and by Russian Foreign Secretary Sergey Lavrov, meeting in Moscow, who committed “to stop the bloodshed.” Lavrov spoke of working “with those countries that are interested in establishing lasting peace in the Middle East.” Gheit, a former Egyptian Foreign Minister, said, “We demand the creation of political prospects and a fair resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

This same view has been stated as the policy by China, and repeated today in Beijing by President Xi Jinping when he met with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY), leading a Congressional visit to China, who chastised China for not supporting Israel strongly enough.

Meantime, there is the ominous push to build the case that Iran is responsible for the Hamas attack, so therefore Iran “deserves” Western (NATO) assault—a trigger to global holocaust. The media info-warfare networks of NATO are working overtime to repeat the phrase, “unprovoked attack by Hamas” on Israel, in the same way that they charge Russia with an “unprovoked attack” on Ukraine in February 2022. In the U.S., from Fox News to CNN, supposedly opposite ends of the political spectrum, “unprovoked” is the word.

Today the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, meeting in Copenhagen, was addressed (by video) by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who likened Russia and Hamas as both terrorists, for their “unprovoked” attacks. He demanded that the U.S. overcome its “internal” political bickering, and come up with the money for arms and support for Ukraine.

These few updates underscore the critical call to action that the International Peace Coalition, the Schiller Institute, and collaborating networks and figures worldwide are sounding: Stop the warfare! Cut off the funding.

Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche said today:

“I think that our approach, no matter what is the situation on the ground, you cannot look at any one of these situations individually alone. You have to look at Ukraine, NATO expansion since 1990; the Ukraine war, the danger of that leading to World War III in the short term. Now, we have, in addition to that, the situation in Southwest Asia. Other conflicts are looming, like the Taiwan issue with China, Global NATO. And then you have a lot of smaller conflicts which nevertheless are very severe for the people it attacked, like Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. And not even to start to talk about Haiti and Afghanistan, and all of these other terrible situations.

“So our approach must be, we absolutely have to catalyze this whole thing into a new paradigm, because only if you establish a new security and development architecture which takes into account the security interests and development interests of every country, can there be a peaceful resolution. And that has been our policy since the beginning of the Ukraine war, and I think that that just goes for the Southwest Asia situation as well.”

By the time of the transmission of this Alert, the Schiller Institute will be posting an international statement, as a call to action. In Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, October 11, midday outside Congress, the LaRouche Organization will hold a rally, on the theme of, “No Money to Ukraine, No World War III with Russia, China.”

A Schiller Institute spokesman reported tonight, “In the next hours and days, the Congress of the United States, the parliaments of Canada and Europe, the presidencies of Central and South America, and the governments of Asia and Africa must hear and see the people of the world stand up for humanity against world war with Russia/China, and the ‘theater population wars’ that are part of that world war. We need to get on the phones and into the offices of public officials, we need to go into the streets and in front of governmental institutions, to say that war is not the answer; that imposing war upon the dispossessed and poor is a crime against humanity; that not one more dollar should be spent on weapons for Ukraine....”

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