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This dialogue appears in the June 28, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. For more on LaRouche's visit to Brazil, see "Lyndon LaRouche's Visit to Brazil, June 11-15, 2002."

Seineldín from Prison,
On Leadership

The "Brazil-Argentina: The Moment of Truth," meeting in São Paulo, Brazil on June 14, 2002 was jointly organized by Lyndon LaRouche's MSIA and Col. Mohamed Alí Seineldín's supporters in the MINEII movement. Before LaRouche's main address, Colonel Seineldín spoke by telephone to the gathering.

Seineldín: Dearest brother and friend, Don Adauto Rocchetto; Dearest sir and humanity's thinker, Don Lyndon LaRouche; Distinguished lady, Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche; My dear brothers in struggle, Dennis Small, Silvia and Lorenzo Carrasco, Gerardo Terán, and all the others, for we are many;

This is Col. Mohamed Alí Seineldín, speaking to you from the Campo de Mayo military prison in the Republic of Argentina, who is very close to you and sends you a very strong embrace, and my immense joy at spiritually sharing with you this good moment you are involved in.

Even a quick look at the world situation is enough to understand that we are in a world crisis which is growing geometrically, day by day. The message sent by God to man 2002 years ago has been consistently disobeyed, allowing for strange ways and paths which have put all of humanity, and the human species itself, in danger.

The great powers responsible for assembling earthly life-missions corresponding to those established by God, afflicted by egoism, arrogance, frivolity, pleasure, indifference, and their thirst for power, are dedicated to creating divisions, in order to make war (the East-West example); to trade and achieve wealth (the North-South example); to advise countries as to the number of births that they must accept; and to dismantle nation-states, as is happening in Latin America today, to subsequently insert them in great blocs of nations to better exploit them.

As an example, let us look at recent events occurring in the Bush Administration: They knew of the attacks that were going to occur in the United States, but they allowed them to happen, with the objective of starting a war in the Middle and Far East, bragging in a lamentable speech which we all heard, that the war in Afghanistan is the first of the century. So I, who am a soldier who knows war, would ask Mr. Bush: How many more wars does he plan to have? Truly, I have never heard such madness.

On the other hand, we, my dear brothers, by the grace of God, have projects and development plans for the whole world, which coincide with what was established in the divine commandments. I know all of you, and there before you have the great patriarch and gentleman of humanity, Dr. Lyndon LaRouche, who, alongside his wife, with the banner of faith and hope, fights boldly to teach and convince those who govern, about the path to be taken before it is too late.

We, Brazilians and Argentines, without hesitating or wasting a minute, have already begun to work under the marvelous conception of Dr. Lyndon LaRouche. The results are there to be seen.

I congratulate you for this good moment you are involved in. I love you all; continue onward.

I take the occasion to send greetings to my brothers, Eneas Carneiro, Gen. Tasso de Aquino, Vice Adm. Tasso de Aquino, and to my great friend Colonel Schirmer, along with so many others whom I have in Brazil.

I pray to God and Mary of Mercy for all of you, your families, and that we may be helped in this marvelous, if hard, path that we have chosen.

For God and the great Ibero-American fatherland.

LaRouche: Well, this is to Colonel Seineldín. We get a chance to speak to each other! So, I shall presume that you are actually participating in one way or the other in this conference which is occurring here today.

I can only refer to what Helga reported here today on the summaries from Europe this morning, a general recognition that the world is now in a catastrophic financial crisis, that the danger of war is closely related to this financial crisis. And I think that people will now, in a moment of crisis—as you know from your military experience, you come to a moment of truth where delusions pass away—we must act quickly to move events in a fresh direction.

I presume you understand this principle well. And while awaiting for your arrival—and I understand exactly what goes through your mind on this—while waiting for your arrival, we will do our job, and will much appreciate and be aided by your active support with the capacity you have.

So my best greetings, and I hope that we meet soon.

Seineldín: Well, I want to thank Dr. Lyndon LaRouche for his words, which I shall keep in my heart. Today is a happy day; I have participated with great emotion in this marvelous conference. A new dawn is coming. The world is in a total debacle, and we are all relying on the worthy patriarch and humanity's gentleman, Don Lyndon LaRouche, always supported by his marvellous wife. All of us follow him, without any vacillation.

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