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Australia and
Hitler's Dictatorship

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 19, 2001

I speak from my official status as a registered pre-candidate for the U.S. Democratic Party's 2004 Presidential nomination.

What is fairly called Australia's "Murdoch press," and that press's accomplices, continue to aggravate their reckless disregard for both elementary decency and truth. It is much worse than that. If we take into account both the intent expressed by the conduct of the offending portion of the "Goebbels press"-like Australia mass media, and the legislation that crew has just sponsored, that legislation is: 1) an intent to violate human rights; and 2) legislation in the same character of law as the February 1933 decrees which first established the Nazi government as a dictatorship.

The style of these offensive actions is also relevant to the charges against the perpetrators of that mass-media

conduct and legislation. First, the form of the legislation enacted is in keeping with the conceptions of law, crafted by the notorious Carl Schmitt, which were invoked, with Schmitt's approval, to establish the Nazi regime as a dictatorship. Second, considering the increasingly active role which the government of Australia is playing in the ongoing efforts of certain financier inCarl Schmitt terests to dismember and pillage Indonesia, and who knows what beyond that, the adducible intention of the promoters of the disgusting statute in question is properly a matter of international concern.

I would hope that saner elements within the population and relevant institutions of Australia, would act in their own interests, to uproot and destroy this ugly legislation and the clear intention which the leading sponsors of the legislation have expressed so nakedly, and with what utterly reckless contempt for readily available truth.

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