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LaRouche: Stop That War Now!

This statement was issued by the candidate's LaRouche-in-2004 Presidential campaign on August 2.

The danger grows rapidly, that Israel will proceed with its indicated intent to go beyond its presently ongoing campaign of systematic murders, to full-scale invasion of the so-called "Area A" territories presently under titular control by the Palestinian authorities. Under this condition, the U.S. and other governments must take effective forms of immediate emergency actions to chill the Israeli government into a state of self-restraint.

President George W. Bush has the means to conduct the international initiative which would bring this about; he should deploy his authority and resources to do so with finality.

Such a concert among governments must act on the basis of foreknowledge of the consequences of their failure to stop the Israeli avalanche of war now, before it is too late to prevent a generalized, spreading state of religious warfare through much of Eurasia and beyond. The murder campaign being conducted by the Sharon government is already a clear violation of the prohibition against war crimes, adopted at the post-World War II Nuremberg tribunal.

However, the fact to be emphasized, is that those actions are not only criminal, but, worse, are causing the present government of Israel to slide deeper and deeper into the criminal state of mind in which it will become more and more inclined to perpetrate, or to provoke even worse atrocities against humanity, over ever wider areas.

It must be recognized, that the true authors of this warfare are neither Israelis nor Arabs, but those co-thinkers of the Brzezinski-Huntington doctrine who desire an Israel-sparked launching of generalized religious warfare, as a way of disrupting present trends toward economic cooperation in Eurasia. Nonetheless, although those are ultimately the real criminals in this situation, we must act to prevent the Israeli spark from being used to ignite the oil of general religious warfare.

The U.S.A. and its partners have the means to bring the Israeli war to a halt now. Later, once the holocaust of "religious war" is ignited at the Dome of the Rock, it may be too late for civilization for some decades yet to come.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Aug. 2, 2001

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