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Press Cranks Up
Bush Flight-Forward

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

September 11, 2001, 1730 EDT

My monitoring of the coverage of the today's crisis by leading television media, and others, shows a clear pattern of intent to push President Bush into a typical case of cowardly "flight forward." That coverage presents us with the image of the terror-stricken soldier, messing his pants in a foxhole, who charges against a machine-gun nest "to get it over with."

There is a clear impulse, radiating from these news media and political sources, to have the President immediately take awesome reprisals for the sake of appearing to deliver prompt retribution, even without waiting to uncover the actual perpetrators.

There are, in fact, a very limited number of entities which have the highly sophisticated capability to have pulled over today's terrorist operations. None of these are on the short list of "usual terrorism suspects" or so-called "rogue states." Unfortunately, the politically terrified coward would rather kill someone, rather than uncover the actual perpetrators, and then cover up the fact that the "reprisals" had been taken against the wrong targets.

LaRouche, on the Stockwell radio show on the morning of Sept. 11, comments as the attack unfolds.

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