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Videoconference with Lyndon LaRouche
Announced by Guatemala Economists

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 8, 2001 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche, the founder of Executive Intelligence Review and candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination for the Presidency of the United States in the 2004 elections, will be the keynote speaker at a conference being held in Guatemala City on Nov. 13, according to a news release from the Guatemalan Association of Economic Science Professionals, which is sponsosring the event.

LaRouche will speak from Germany using interactive video conference technology, which will allow him and the audience to see and talk to each other, explained Dr. Juan Francisco Ramírez Alvarado, president of the Association of Economic Science Professionals. The conference will get underway at 11:00 a.m. sharp, Guatemala time, and it will take place at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Guatemala City.

LaRouche, the only economist in the world whose published economic forecasts have been right for more than 30 years, will speak on the international financial collapse and its implications.

This past July 24, LaRouche warned that, unless steps were taken, the situation created by the financial crisis made it likely that war would break out by the end of the year. The solution, he said, is his proposal to establish a New Bretton Woods financial and monetary system, and the Eurasian Landbridge. Nations such as China, India and Russia are already moving to implement these proposals. In fact, this past May 4, LaRouche was invited to be the lead witness to testify on these issues before the Economic Commission of the Russian Parliament, the Duma.

LaRouche warned that "if what I've proposed is not done, I can guarantee you, that either we're going to be in a war, by the end of the year, or you're going to see a depression beyond what most of you believe possible, an economic depression, and chaos". Just as LaRouche forecast, we are at war. Moreover, on September 6, five days before the attacks of September 11, LaRouche warned, in an exclusive interview with Federico La Mont, of Radio ABC of Mexico, that Washington was about to be hit with "the fourth stage, that I know of, of the launching of international terrorism in a new expanded form."

On August 3, in an interactive dialogue he held with Mexico's National Institute of Public Accountants at the Service of the State (INCOPSE)—during a videoconference similar to the one taking scheduled for Tuesday, November 13, with the Guatemalans assembled at the Inter-Continental Hotel— LaRouche told the 350-person audience: "The world today is not on the edge of depression. We are already in it!"

This means, he said, that we all must "begin taking responsibility, an urgent responsibility, to discuss among ourselves, to call upon our own minds, on exactly what the right bankruptcy reorganization program is for this sick planet. Then we, in turn, must educate the relevant political forces and others in the population generally, that this is what we must do."

According to the release, the fee for attending Tuesday's conference will be 100 quetzals, for members of the Guatemalan Association of Economic's Science Professionals, 150 for non-members, and 75 for students. Lunch is included. The Association of Economic Science Professionals can be contacted directly by calling their office in Guatemala: (502) 369-8112.

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