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Did Israeli Military Kill 'General Gandhi'?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

This release was issued on October 21, 2001, by the LaRouche in 2004 campaign committee.

I have two important, closely related statements to make on the matter of the assassination, this past week, of retired Israel General Rehavam Ze'evi, a.k.a. the "General Gandhi" of Central American drug-trafficking and other notorieties.

First, I reference facts which expose the appalling credulity of those, who exclude the strong evidence suggesting that the list of suspects in seeking out the authorship of the assassination, could be the Israeli military itself.

Second, I emphasize that those silly people who insist, fanatically, "I don't believe in conspiracy theories," usually turn out to be the same fools who shriek, "Don't mention the word truth in my presence! There is no truth! There is only the set of facts which happen to fit with my opinion." Thus, people either select some facts, while denying others, or even invent their so-called "facts," to fit their degraded desires. This second problem is, from experience with governments and others over decades, the most common cause of what events have proven to have been the probably unintended failures of law-enforcement and intelligence investigations.

I present this twofold warning from the standpoint of being the only major U.S. Presidential candidate for the 2000 election, who documented the truth about the onrushing collapse of the world's present monetary-financial system. Often, we are confronted with something like the case, of the virtual insanity of those who placed their religious faith in the now collapsed "new economy" swindle. Obviously, those who said that I was wrong in warning against buying into that swindle, are much sadder, and definitely not richer, as a result of their own foolishness. If you supported any of my rivals in the 2000 election campaign, you are one of those foolish fellows who must remember the issue of the economy during that 1999-2000 period. While some of our airlines are still flying, although most of our railroads are now shut down, you still owe it to yourself to stop, look, listen—and think.

In my long experience with our own and other governments, the most frequent source of needless suffering of our own citizens and other nations, is, similarly, not consciously malicious intent; but, often, the result of what is simply a kind of stubborn incompetence in official circles. Often it is just one more example of the degree of increasing ignorance among recent generations of university graduates and others. Often, it is the kind of negligent morality which argues, "let us hope that this guy turns out to be guilty." Those kinds of problems have become—not steadily, but—unsteadily worse since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The all-too-typical Presidential candidate, or even ordinary U.S. citizen today, reacts to even crucially important events with words to the effect, "Don't tell me to think! I don't wish to think; I have already made up my mind!" Those words deserve to be written on that poor fellow's tombstone, if he can still afford one.

Look at the case of the Ze'evi assassination. Listen, once again, to my worry that the present U.S. government is shooting itself on the foot on the matter of its response to the recent Sept. 11 attacks. Someone must tell the U.S. citizens what is actually happening to their future; that job of getting you to recognize the truth, falls to me, largely by the failures of others who have left this burden on my shoulders. Probably, in my present role as a candidate for the 2004 election, I am now your future. If you reject my leadership now, as you did during 1999-2000, you probably have no future. What it will be, is now up to you.

'Who Killed Cock Robin?'

Since the 1970s, the principal method of blackmail used by Israeli fanatics in controlling the behavior of the U.S. government, has been the threat of what was known since then under such "Get Smart"-style rubrics, as "the breakaway-ally syndrome," or the "chicken-game syndrome." Israel would threaten to go to the threshold of a nuclear Middle East war, threatening the U.S., that if Washington did not fight Israel's war, Israel would start a war which couldn't be stopped.

Typical is the way in which the terrorist attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon brought President Reagan's Middle East peace initiative to an end.

Thus, the peculiar character of Israel's bloodiest roles in world affairs, has been its emphasis on privately financed special killing and related operations in the Americas, Africa, and elsewhere. In the case of the two relevant Palestinian combat associations, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and Hamas, the role of the Israeli and certain other governments in building these up as rivals to the Arafat-led Fatah organization, is typical of the kinds of operations in which Ariel Sharon and his long-standing accomplice Ze'evi were active.

If we take into account all of the most relevant factors of the situation in which Ze'evi was assassinated, qualified security specialists are compelled to ask whether or not Ze'evi was killed as a substitute for the Sharon who was already a candidate for assassination by the most desperate faction of the Israeli military command. Given the realities of Israeli security practices, and Ze'evi's own capabilities, a group such as PFLP would not have attempted such an assassination unless they were confident that the expected several layers of official and private security screens around Ze'evi were down.

Who benefitted from the assassination of Ze'evi? None other than that section of the Israeli military command which is determined to bully the Bush administration into allowing, or even conducting full-scale attacks on Syria and Iraq.

The Hamas, which is not suspected in this case, was fostered as an anti-Arafat force by Ze'evi ally Sharon, during the period Sharon was Israeli Housing Minister. The PFLP has a more complicated, French-flavored pedigree. These cases are merely typical of the fact, that, throughout the period since the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, terrorist and other groups have been able to function only to the degree they had protection from either governments, or financial cabals with capabilities comparable to those of governments. Through Israeli penetration of and cooperation with international black operations of that type, relevant Israeli intelligence agencies, as in Ze'evi's role in Colombia drug-running circles, have effective penetration of most such irregular organizations—such as terrorist organizations—often including elements of top-down control.

Ask two questions. First, who has benefitted from the aftermath of the assassination of Ze'evi? Second, what is the meaning of the remarkably exact coincidence in timing, between the overturning of the Lockerbie decision in the PanAm 103 case, and the targeting of Syria-based PFLP as the putative author of the Ze'evi killing?

As a U.S. citizen, it is in your vital personal interest, to ask the question: Will the killing of Ze'evi, a killing with those predicates, tend to push the Bush administration into capitulating to the Israeli military command's efforts to bring about an immediate U.S.-based, large-scale military operation against both Syria and Iraq?

Since most of you were already suckered into believing in Al Gore's promises of a bright future for the "new economy," you are doubtless one of those people who seriously need to begin thinking, rather than being, once again, blindly suckered into believing such fairy-tales as the current mass-media line on the Ze'evi assassination.

The Geometry of Intention

The time has come to abandon the cult of popular opinion, and to try telling the truth, instead. You life, and our nation's future may depend upon it.

The poor fool whose wits were flushed down the drain in the post-World War II brainwashing of many Americans, as by wild-eyed existentialists and liars such as Theodor Adorno and Hannah Arendt, says, "I don't believe in conspiracy theories." Your best shot in rebuttal of such silly outbursts from sources such as that, is, "So, first gargle, and then tell me: Are you just a brainwashed idiot, or, are you trying to cover up something with that stinking hogwash you just spouted?"

The effects which may be recognized later as the fruits of a conspiracy, include such cases as the tragic failure of the conspirators' intentions, but also the control of mass behavior, by what they have failed to recognize as the unsuspected influence of more or less axiomatic, controlling assumptions, on their own behavior. I have illustrated the role of unsuspected axioms by reference to the example of axiomatically different kinds of physical space-time geometries.

Take as a relevant example, the suicidal assumption by some influential Israeli and other circles, that the Palestinians would be guilty of any war resulting from their refusal to allow the building of the so-called Third Temple of Solomon on the present site of one of the holiest places of Islam. In the present state of Middle East and related affairs, such a demand by the Israelis or others, means the unleashing of a general religious war of the type we had thought to eliminate from European civilization with the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. Anyone who supports the demand for the forcible building of the so-called "Third Temple," is not only a wild-eyed war-monger, a virtual criminal, but is indulging in promoting the very worst kind of warfare, religious warfare.

It can not be said that the backers of the Israeli fanatics' demands are simply being stubbornly stupid on this question. An adult drunken driver who drives is guilty of the intention implied by his condition. Nor can we say, that the Israeli fanatics acting in that manner are in any sense innocent fools. European history, from the time of Venice's partnership with the Plantagenets in the religious and related wars of the period from the Second Crusade through the toppling of England's evil Richard III, and the pattern of religious wars which Venice orchestrated from 1511 through 1648 AD in modern Europe, are examples of the witting role of those, like Zbigniew Brzezinski, who have orchestrated prolonged religious war for geopolitical or related strategic purposes. The fate of civilization on this planet, now depends upon preventing the supporters of Ariel Sharon and the Israeli right-wing military, from triggering the kind of "Clash of Civilizations" toward which figures such as the British Arab Bureau's Bernard Lewis and Zbigniew Brzezinski have been working.

Brzezinski's role and influence typifies what should be understood as social processes which only a madman would refuse to recognize as a conspiracy. The insistence on adhering to assumptions which have inherent consequences, means that the perpetrator intends to bring such consequences into play. Either he knows what he is doing, in which case he is explicitly guilty, or he does not know, in which case he is to be judged insane.

For example, the reigning form of psychotic mass-hysteria on this planet today, is the form of impassioned dedication to the presently collapsing, existing world monetary and financial system of 1971-2001, even to the point of insisting that that system be defended, "whatever that costs." The intention to defend that system, and such accreted features as "globalization" and "new economy" delusions, represents an axiomatic kind of intention built into the behavior of the believer.

In the case of the policies of the presently ruling Israeli military dictatorship, the commitment to a certain conception of Israel, including the matter of al Haram al Sharif, represents the intention to carry the world to a virtually unstoppable, prolonged, genocidal religious war. That is an evil conspiracy by implicit intent. Those who use their Israeli military puppets, to launch such a deadly, provocation, such as those who argue like Brzezinski and Kissinger, are also guilty of the consequences of their intentions.

All well-crafted constitutions, such as the 1776 U.S. Declaration of Independence, or the U.S. 1789 Constitution, are examples of conspiracies whose embedded intention shapes the future of states and relations among states. Prevailing beliefs respecting science and art, or morals, have similar efficiency. Only through understanding the role of intentions, and also the way, in truth, they may be foreseen to produce their effects, can there exist either sane forms of national government, sane relations among states, peace among religious bodies, or a calculable future of any sort for even the adulthood of the present generation of infants.

As I used to demonstrate to the students in my economic classes, it would be impossible to organize the presence of the cup of coffee set before you, without a well-functioning, world-wide conspiracy among the agencies which produce all of the elements of materials and processes which go into presenting that cup, with that content, in that place and time at which it is served to you.

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