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Lyndon LaRouche to Address Nation Jan. 24:
`Continue the American Revolution'

Jan. 6, 2002—The world crisis, and how to solve it, will be the subject of a major address which U.S. Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche will be delivering before a Washington, D.C. audience on Jan. 24, beginning at 1 p.m. EST. The event, sponsored by LaRouche in 2004, will be simultaneously webcast internationally on the candidate's website, and

His opening remarks will be followed by an extensive opportunity for dialogue on the issues he's raised.

LaRouche's address will be entitled "Continue the American Revolution," and will elaborate the qualities of leadership required to resolve the global breakdown crisis. His remarks will draw the lessons from his just-released strategic study entitled "Zbigniew Brzezinski and Sept. 11th," a lengthy article which reviews his analysis of the Sept. 11 attack as an attempted coup d'état against the Bush Administration, and exposes the crucial, tell-tale role of the geopolitical authors of the "Clash of Civilizations" perspective, centered around the likes of William Yandell Elliott, and members of his kindergarten, such as Brzezinski and Samuel P. Huntington. The article is available on LaRouche's campaign website.

LaRouche has summarized the current strategic situation as follows:

"1. The world has entered the crucial, terminal phase of disintegration of the present international monetary-financial system....

"2. Thus, as long as governments cling to defending the axiomatic policy-shaping guidelines of the present international monetary institutions, each will be toppled by replacements, until the point is reached that those nations begin to disintegrate, or until governments appear with none of the essential characteristics of the presently leading contending political parties of the Americas, western Europe, and many other points of the map.

"3. These circumstances afford my associates and me a unique kind of authority of leadership. Two features of that authority are outstanding. First, the economic forecasts which I have circulated internationally during more than thirty years to date, are the only known forecasts which have been consistently correct... Second, the so-called utopian strategic-military faction which has been increasingly dominant in NATO and other nations' affairs, during the past fifty years, has now brought the world as a whole to the brink of a devastating world-wide religious warfare, threatening to reenact the horror of the European 1618-1648 religious war on a global scale.

"4. In all that I have taught, and in all practice of my association's policy, over the recent thirty-five years of our existence, the standpoint of all our policy has been the unique quality of the American System of political-economy as the world's leading model of economy to date. Thus, although international conditions have undermined the institutions of domestic and foreign policies of practice, the affirmation of the original American revolution under the leadership of President Lincoln, and the resistance to American Toryism's corruption under President Franklin Roosevelt, give the tasks before the U.S. today the essential characteristic of being a fresh affirmation of ... the American Revolution."

For more information, call LaRouche in 2004 at 1-800-929-7566.

Paid for by LaRouche in 2004

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