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Götterdämmerung in Palestine

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

This statement was issued Jan. 30, 2002 by the Presidential candidate's political committee, LaRouche in 2004.

Someone must stick his neck out, to bring this raging Middle East horror to a close. At the present moment, the Israeli efforts to eradicate the Palestinians, is the principal detonator for a potential, world-wide, continuing religious and ethnic warfare., a war from which no nation, no person can be safe.

For various reasons, at the present moment, I am elected to say publicly what must be said, loud and clear, if an ongoing, monstrous crime against humanity is to be stopped, as it was not stopped in the comparable case of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Current operations by the Israeli Defense Forces within the territory of the Palestinian Authority, are as exact a copy as history might ever find, of the Nazi operations of April 19-May 16, 1943 against the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto. The facts of the matter are already clear. All that remained to be settled, until now, was whether or not solid proof existed, that the relevant Israeli officials were fully aware of the awesome similarity of their current actions to the events as described in the famous Nuremberg Trial documentation, the "Stroop Report."

According to the documentation referenced here, the Stroop Report was originally issued by the Nazi Major-General Stroop of police, who was acting as commander of those operations against the Warsaw Ghetto. According to the documentation supplied, the original report was "a seventy-five-page, day-by-day account of the operation, prepared for Himmler, and first displayed by [U.S. Justice Robert] Jackson. It was entitled 'The Warsaw Ghetto is No More' (Es gibt keinen juedische Wohnbezirk in Warschau mehr!). The special version of that report to which I refer, is to be found in the Mazal Library and Holocaust History Project Report, available through

The relevant connections between act and intention, were brought to my attention through a report, entitled "At the gates of Yassergrad," filed by Amir Oren in the January 27 English edition of the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz. From evidence which confirms the essential message of that Ha'aretz account, including the current circulation of referenced Stroop Report, there is no doubt that the Israeli Defense Force command's current actions. express those officials' intention to replicate upon the Palestinian territory effects essentially similar to the April 19 - May 16, 1943 extermination operations against the Warsaw Ghetto. Essentially, only the names of the victims have changed.

This Ha'aretz report is extremely significant in itself. It reflects a growing expression of the horror sensed by all sane Israelis, of whatever party, at the prospect that Israeli might continue the kinds of crimes being conducted under the umbrella of the Ariel Sharon government. Despite Sharon and the present IDF command, the Jewish tradition is not yet dead in Israel itself.

In such a situation, it would be immoral to take such pathways of discretion as to follow the practice of the typically American common gossip, whose disgusting pretenses at morality would take the form of slyly circulating the rumor that the IDF has expressed such an ongoing intention. Someone must stand up and speak clearly in his own name, saying "I accuse!," pointing directly at the crime and the criminality at issue. Apparently, so far, the present government of the U.S.A. will not. Apparently, so far, no official spokesmen for either of the two major U.S. political parties will say, "I accuse." Therefore, I must take on that chore.

On Background

We must be clear on this matter. The core of the intention by those circles of the IDF to perpetrate such a crime against humanity, is not an Israeli phenomenon as such. We must recognize that the wildest of the utopian military and other strategic circles in the U.S.A., as typified by the co-thinkers of Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel P. Huntington, are, in point of fact, professed universal fascists, whose notions of military policy and affairs are modelled, most immediately, on the precedent of the Nazi Waffen-SS.

However, we must not put the blame on the now safely defunct Waffen-SS itself. As I have stressed in relevant other locations, all modern fascism and its impact in shaping military policy, is modelled upon the characteristics of the regime of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his nephew. As I have documented this point in earlier locations, the original model for fascism, is to be found exactly where Napoleon and his imitators Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler placed them, in the legacy of the Caesars and the Roman legions.

The Roman Praetorian Guard is, together with the model of the Waffen-SS, at the core of Huntington's notorious version of the doctrine whose precise technical name is "universal fascism."

There must be no sloppiness in our definitions of fascism. There are, admittedly, echoes of this same Roman imperial military tradition in the Spanish inquisition, including that removal of the Jews from Spain which prefigured the case of both the Warsaw Ghetto, and the similar present operations against the Palestinians. However, the modern fascism of the Napoleons, Mussolini, Mussolini's confederate Vladimir Jabotinsky, and Adolf Hitler, and of the circles of the H. Smith-Richardson Foundation's co-thinkers and lackeys, are a distinct quality of phenomena. Their leading expression is the U.S. today is found among circles associated with the Romantic, utopian military and related strategic doctrines and allies of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, and the late Professor William Yandell Elliott's Nashville Agrarians.

The behavior of the IDF does reflect nominally Jewish fascist traditions such as those of Vladimir Jabotinsky; however, these traditions would never have reached the degree of military and related operations seen today, were such Israelis and their fellow-travellers not being used by powerful backers of current utopian fads, such as those fascist dogmas of Brzezinski and Huntington, within the Americas and Europe. The Middle East is being used as the detonator of an endless, world-wide religious and ethnic war; but the bomb attached to that detonator, resides chiefly inside the Anglo-American domain itself. If our dirty nest, inside the English-speaking world, is cleaned out, the danger from the Middle East could be controlled.

If this Middle East detonator explodes in the way in threatens to do, given the fact that the world as a whole is now seized by the terminal phase of a global monetary-financial collapse, you, personally, sitting inside the U.S.A., will not have a prayer of living out this crisis safely.

Join me! Stop this horror being unleashed by the Sharon government, while that horror could still be prevented. Confront the world with the clear evidence of the horrid intention behind the crimes of the Ariel Sharon government.

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