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Attacks on Brazil's Enéas Carneiro
Come from Desperadoes Trying To Preserve
The Bankrupt World Financial System

Dec. 3, 2002 (EIRNS)—The following statement was released today by the Presidential pre-candidate's political committee, LaRouche in 2004.

Brazilian Congressman-elect Dr. Enéas Carneiro of the nationalist PRONA party, has been subjected to a string of spurious accusations over recent weeks, regarding alleged irregularities in the reporting of legal residences of candidates who ran for office on his PRONA party ticket. Enéas, as he is widely known throughout Brazil, is a personal friend of U.S. Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche, and had hosted LaRouche's June 2002 visit to Brazil, where LaRouche was made an Honorary Citizen of São Paulo by the City Council. Enéas was elected to Brazil's national congress in the late October general elections, with the largest vote total, by far, ever received by any congressional candidate in the country's history.

In response to reports of the ongoing attacks against Enéas, LaRouche commented: "The attacks on Enéas Carneiro are an attack on me, and the policies I represent to solve the global financial crisis. The allegations against him are not credible. From my viewpoint, all of the arguments presented to date, lack credibility, indicating that something else, some other purpose, is behind the attacks.

"That other purpose is an attempt by corrupt, foreign forces to control the administration of incoming Brazilian President Lula. The point is that Enéas, along with his five fellow congressmen-elect from the PRONA slate, represents a loose-cannon factor in Brazilian politics, which, under the expected conditions of looming financial and economic crisis, will tend to polarize around itself, a significant patriotic factor in the country.

"Such a patriotic reflex in the midst of the crisis, is precisely what those corrupt international financial and other interests don't want. They understand and fear that, seeing the conditions of crisis, a patriotic reflex will impel all kinds of factors in Brazil—both inside and outside the Lula government—to respond to the demands of the International Monetary Fund et al. in a patriotic fashion. Enéas, with his call for a break with IMF policies, and his support for my proposed New Bretton Woods solution to the current crisis, typifies that impulse.

"So, corrupt elements in the world, located principally outside Brazil, view Enéas as a menace. It is obvious that this is the actual issue in the recent allegations against him and his colleagues.

"The reality is that the present world financial system is hopelessly disintegrating. This is not a Brazilian economic crisis; it is a crisis of the entire global system. So, those desperadoes who are trying to preserve the existing system are losers: Their system can not be saved, no matter how desperate and hysterical their efforts to do so. We have here the case of the desperately hungry trying to feast on the inedible," LaRouche concluded.

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