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LaRouche Warns of
Sharon War Plans

Dec. 22, 2002 (EIRNS)—The following statement was released today by Lyndon LaRouche's campaign committee, LaRouche in 2004:

Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche issued a stern warning on Dec. 20, 2002, that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon may attempt to provoke a near-term Middle East war, as a means of securing his reelection on Jan. 28, 2003. LaRouche stated that Sharon is desperate to prevent the breakout of peace in the region, and could easily orchestrate a "mega-terrorist" incident or some other "Gulf of Tonkin" type provocation to "justify" an Israeli military attack against neighboring Syria or Lebanon, or against Iraq.

There are credible reports, from sources inside Israel, that Sharon is conferring with Defense Minister Mofaz and IDF Chief of Staff Ya'alon, on the details of such a provocation, which, the sources warn, could even involve Israeli use of tactical nuclear weapons, on the pretext of an alleged, or foiled, Syrian or Iraqi missile attack, on Israel's primary nuclear weapons facility at Dimona.

LaRouche declared that he was committed to stopping Sharon's war plan in advance. While there are many senior officials in Israel, the United States and Western Europe, who are deeply concerned about an Israeli war-provocation, LaRouche explained, their public silence cannot be tolerated. Sharon's plans must be publicly exposed. Sharon must understand, LaRouche continued, that if Sharon starts such a war, he will wind up being tried for war crimes. Sometimes, in situations like this, LaRouche concluded, war can be best avoided by someone simply standing up and telling the truth. There are so many lies in circulation these days, that the truth has become an even more powerful weapon.

All sane people wish to achieve peace and justice in the Middle East. Therefore, LaRouche said, by telling the truth about Sharon's war schemes, one would hope that a stronger foundation can be built for such a peace agreement, and build confidence in the prospects for negotiations. LaRouche concluded that he hoped his warnings about Sharon's war-schemes would also have a very positive effect on the Bush Administration, where the idea of Sharon wishing to start a war—without prior Bush Administration permission—poses a very serious threat, to those opposing the war-party faction at the Pentagon and the Vice President's Office.

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