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McCain's Big-Noose Party

Presidential precandidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. issued the following statement on Feb. 8, 2002.

Sending those four stooges, Wolfowitz, Perle, McCain, and Lieberman, to the Munich Wehrkunde conference, was like putting a Hollywood Don Juan on the Larry King show, to tell the heart-rending story of his terrible fight against a resistant strain of gonorrhea. It turned out to be about the quickest way to end a lot of alliances.

Maybe that was the intention, all along.

At Munich, Joe Lieberman, the only member of the team capable of parsing, performed a four-stooges parody of Groucho Marx, while McCain played "Harpo." The conclusion to be drawn, is that those four knuckle-draggers were not sent to deliver a message, but to accomplish exactly the effect their performance produced: provoke an incident which would, among other things, more or less break up NATO, in favor of a "We Do As I Please" organization run from Washington, D.C.

Granted, as Secretary O'Neill's statements on the health of the U.S. economy should remind us, we must always take into account the fact, that not only the present U.S. Administration, but the minds of pretty much the entirety of the present official leadership of the Republican and Democratic parties, are not living mentally in the real world. Most of these leading circles could be compared, on numerous stress-filled occasions, to a troop of dried-out, sun-crisped travellers in a desert, ready to go to war, in Afghanistan, or almost any other place, over the rights to permanent occupation of a mirage. They will probably fight that war, but will they ever successfully occupy that mirage?

All of which brings us to what a recent edition of the weekly New Yorker has described, as McCain's threat to form a "Bull Moose" party. What is that New Yorker story trying to tell us? What has that to do with McCain's uncaged performance at Munich?

My point, is that we are living under circumstances, in which the apparent intentions of leading characters are no longer necessarily a reflection of a trend in policy, but, are a symptom of a breakdown in the ability to accept the reality of the circumstances in which leading political and related forces are now situated. What McCain says he is doing, for example, may have no correlation with the effect of the current movements of his mouth, hands, and feet. The question, therefore, is not. what is McCain's own voluntary intention; but, rather, who is using him, as if he were a kind of hand grenade thrown into the neighborhood, for what effect, as we witnessed in his part in the four-stooges act at Munich?

I remember the notorious "Gulf of Tonkin" resolution. Often what the leaders of our government and political parties tell us, is not what is actually happening, but what they wish to fool us into doing. That is, as it was at Munich, Senator "hand grenade" McCain.

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