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This press release appears in the July 26, 2002 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Real Corruption:
McCain and Lieberman

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. released this statement on Sunday, July 14, 2002. His campaign committee, LaRouche in 2004, is producing it as a half-million leaflets for mass-distribution.

The biggest scandal you have seen so far, is about to explode in the nation's face. It is all about Senator John McCain's financial and political connections to both the giant organized-crime apparatus centered in Arizona, and to Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Don't be fooled again. Today's everyday financial swindles, such as those of Enron, Harken, Halliburton, and both the major accounting firms and most leading economic forecasters, are typical of the same tradition of giant financial scandals which swept President Herbert Hoover out of office back in 1932. The deadly danger is, that the "Bull Moose" third-party apparatus being organized out of the Washington, D.C. Hudson Institute might be able to use the scandals against President Bush to create a kind of Jacobin-Terror control of both the Republican and Democratic Party machines, and the U.S. Congress, too.

Clear your heads. Ever since Paul Volcker and his successor Alan Greenspan ran the United States, top-down, from the office of Chairman of the Federal Reserve, scandals like those involving the Keating Five have become typical of the way both Washington D.C. and corporate America and its banks, mutual funds, and leading accounting firms have been run. The attempt to control the U.S.A., the political parties, and its foreign policy, by the organized-crime links to McCain and Lieberman, is something else.

The crucial facts of the McCain and Lieberman corruption are already established facts, on the record.

McCain and Lieberman are not only backed by some of the vilest organized-crime networks in America; that pair are the leading proponents of the mass-murderous, Brzezinski-Huntington "Chessboard"/"Clash of Civilizations" policy, through the McCain front-organization centered in the Washington, D.C. office of the Hudson Institute. Recently, Hudson sponsored a Senate symposium, at which they called for a major destabilization of the Saudi royal family, and a U.S. military occupation of the Saudi oil fields. This same Washington, D.C. Hudson office also houses the whole McCain third-party "Bull Moose" operation, through the person of Marshall Whittman, a former operative of the Temple Mount fanatical "fundy," Rev. "Diamond" Pat Robertson.

Blackmail Game Against President Bush

In the Feb. 4, 2002 edition of the New Yorker magazine, the filthy McCain-Lieberman blackmail game against President Bush was spelled out: If Bush fails to back Ariel Sharon, overthrow Saddam Hussein, and take other steps guaranteed to launch a global war, McCain will run as the third-party spoiler candidate, in a replay of the 1912 Teddy Roosevelt, Bull Moose Party-organized defeat of President William Howard Taft, and the installation of a notorious Ku Klux Klan fanatic, Woodrow Wilson, in the White House. The facts behind that New Yorker story check out, and much more besides.

Even a cursory look at the Arizona apparatus that installed John McCain in the U.S. Congress and Senate, makes it clear that the man sometimes rumored to be deserving of the name "Manchurian Candidate," may also be kooky, but he is, essentially, just a front for organized crime. McCain married into the Sam Bronfman-created Arizona mob, which has run the state, top-down and bottom-up, since Prohibition. Kemper Marley, the man designated by Sam Bronfman as the whiskey king of the Southwest, put McCain's father-in-law in the beer distribution business, and that business is now the source of McCain's several hundred-million-dollar fortune—the basis of his entire political career.

No wonder McCain was one of the "Keating Five," the members of Congress who were implicated in the Michael Milken late-1980s junk-bond swindles. No wonder McCain is in bed with the Emprise/Sports Services mob first exposed in the book Dope, Inc.

A pivotal element in the McCain and Lieberman criminal nexus, is the Indian gambling casinos that dot the landscape of both Arizona, and particularly of Connecticut. McCain's so-called campaign-finance-reform bill, which banned "soft money," allowed one crucial exemption: Indian gaming. Take the wealth of the Indians' real estate, and give those Esaus the pottage of disease-infected blankets and whiskey in return. If they can't find an actual Indian, inventing a fake tribe may serve the same purpose.

That is only the beginning. There is a lot more.

The bottom line: It is urgent that the Democratic Party emerge, under new leadership, in the continuing tradition of FDR, JFK, and Lyndon LaRouche, as the legitimate focal point of opposition to the foolish wars into which McCain and Lieberman are doing so much to blackmail the Bush Administration into fighting.

For this to happen, the McCain-Lieberman corrupt blackmail operation must be exposed. I promise you; it will be thoroughly exposed, as we move to take the Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt back, for the sake of our republic, its people, and the world.

I will do my job. If you also do yours, we could save this nation from something awful.

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