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He Called It As He Saw It

Nov. 1, 2002 (EIRNS)—Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche forecast the result of Democratic leadership failures today, in this reply to an Oct. 30 e-mail question.

What the Democratic Party has done to this nation and its people, is a crime against our people and their posterity. Either the party abandons those its presently continuing habits of the recent quarter-century, or it is soon dead. It can no longer get by with the swindle the leadership of the party has been running over these decades to date. The worst thing is not that the party leadership has policies which are either evil, such as those of Lieberman, or practically impotent; some of the leaders could be changed, under appropriate top-down changes in policy and leadership, but the present crew is not capable of doing anything relevant of its own volition. Without new leadership, top down, the party has no moral relevance. If the Democratic Party were not, now, to reverse its policies of the past quarter-century to date, and specifically adopt my FDR-style remedies, the nation would not survive.... Otherwise neither that party nor the nation "have a snowball's chance in Hell" during the several years immediately ahead.... Why should anyone waste their support of the Democratic Party if that party does not now openly entertain my Presidential candidacy for 2004?