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McAuliffe's Menstrual Cycle

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 21, 2003 (EIRNS)—This statement was released today by the Presidential candidate's political committee, LaRouche in 2004.

In what is clearly an expression of Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe's simple lack of gentlemanly guts to face me in public debate, he proposes to gag all of the DNC's nine approved Presidential pre-candidates, by limiting their appearances in debates to once a month; that, on a controlled setting arranged by the right-wing DNC mafia.

Before I tell you what I intend to do about McAuliffe's latest tantrum, I prepare for my announcement with a quote from the New York Times' description of one man's spin on McAuliffe's latest antics.

"Well, these forums are a lot more complicated than they might appear to be. It is not just a matter of a candidate hopping on a plane with an aide or two and stepping out in front of the klieg lights. In South Carolina, for example, it was not unusual to see candidates show up with a dozen aides to help them prepare for, and then get through, the big night. For campaigns keeping an eye on spending, that is a lot of hotel rooms, plane tickets, meals and, of course, bar tabs.

"For a nationally televised debate, a candidate spends two days out of public sight, running through practice sessions, and resting up for the big night. These days, there is already enough for a candidate to do, from raising money to hiring staff members, to figuring out what they stand for.... The more debates, the fewer new things there are for the candidates to say—which means that the only things that tend to draw attention are mistakes and miscues, as one campaign advisor said today."

If I could not walk into an impromptu debate, with no more than a few words from one of my associates, and deal competently with anything to which I should respond, I would not have started this campaign for the Presidency. With no more preparations than that, I would be prepared to respond on almost any relevant question of substance, any day of any week. A person who would require the kind of pre-grooming described by the New York Times' source, is not intellectually or emotionally fit for the office they seek.

Perhaps that is what really frightens the DNC's right-wing mafia—or, is it, perhaps, the mafia's DNC right wing?

If any among those candidates were fools enough to go along with McAuliffe's proposed menstrual cycle, I shall be waiting to reply to each and all as soon as I have seen the broadcast performance. I shall schedule a webcast, from anywhere in the world I happen to be, as promptly after the McAuliffe show as it is physically possible to arrange.

They are now all fairly forewarned. Think fast, fellows. It isn't McAuliffe; it is Michael Steinhardt's buddies, and perhaps, also, Vice-President Cheney's I. Lewis Libby of Marc Rich fame, who are trying to make fools of you, just as Libby helped to set up outgoing President Bill Clinton.

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