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LaRouche Spokeswoman Sets Date
for First Candidate Debate

May 28, 2003 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today from Washington, D.C. by the Presidential pre-candidate's political committee, LaRouche in 2004.

Debra Hanania Freeman, the national spokeswoman for Lyndon LaRouche's campaign for the 2004 Democratic Presidential nomination, announced today that a date had been set for what she called "the first real, substantive discussion of the Democratic Presidential campaign."

"On July 2, in keeping with an invitation Lyndon LaRouche extended to his fellow Democratic Presidential pre-candidates, we will host a webcast emanating from Washington, D.C. on 'What is the relevance of FDR's policy for today's world?' Lyndon LaRouche will, of course, participate, and the invitation remains open to the other duly announced candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination."

In a sharply worded statement, Freeman said highly placed Washington, D.C. sources had indicated that major money interests associated with organized-crime figures, including Democratic Leadership Council founder Mickey Steinhardt, had put out the word that LaRouche was to be kept out of all Democratic Party functions and activity related to the Presidential campaign, no matter what the consequences. The same sources indicated that representatives of the Democratic National Committee had made clear to the other Democratic hopefuls that any candidate who chose to recognize LaRouche's candidacy would be "iced out" of any Democratic Party-sponsored activity and financing.

"At this point, it would appear that the only stated purpose the DNC has in this campaign so far is to lock Lyndon LaRouche out, and deny Democratic voters access to the only candidate who is prepared to address issues of immediate concern to them." Freeman noted that LaRouche has demonstrated a greater depth of active support than any of the other candidates, and referred to "recent FEC filings which indicate that LaRouche leads all Democratic candidates in contributions from individuals."

Freeman said, "At this point, the nine other candidates seem willing to capitulate to this pressure from dirty-money interests. If nothing else, that capitulation marks them as entirely not qualified to serve in the office of the Presidency." Freeman said that, although the source of the pressure would appear to emanate from the DLC, a group most closely associated with the candidacy of Joe Lieberman, in fact, the actual source of the pressure comes from the far right wing of the Republican Party. "The DLC simply represents that Republican right wing inside the Democratic Party. Their sole purpose is to wreck the Democratic Party and to guarantee George W. Bush's re-election."

The July 2 candidates' debate will be broadcast live over the Internet, available through the candidate's website at

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