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LaRouche Remains Among Leaders
in Democratic Presidential Fundraising

July 18, 2003 (EIRNS)—This statement was issued today by the LaRouche in 2004 political campaign committee.

Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche continues to hold a leading position among the current field running for the Democratic Presidential nomination, according to the results of the July 2003 Quarterly filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). LaRouche ranks second in the total number of individual contributions, and sixth in total money raised.

LaRouche's campaign sent shockwaves through the U.S. political establishment after the April 2003 Quarterly filings, which showed the FDR Democrat to be the frontrunner in terms of parameters of mass support, including the number of individual contributions to his campaign,* and the total money raised from individuals giving less than $200. These results correspond to the fact that LaRouche has the most active, on-the-ground campaign of any of the Democratic candidates.

With the results of the latest quarter, LaRouche has dropped to number two in total number of individual contributions, with a total of 12,464 to his campaign, according to the FEC. Only Howard Dean, whose campaign was based on Internet fundraising, ranks higher, with 14,424 individual contributions. Both top candidates John Kerry and John Edwards, who have 11,622 and 10,001 respectively, and far surpass the others, according to the FEC figures.

LaRouche's total amount of money raised during the campaign currently stands at $4,564,654—which places him sixth among the ten declared major candidates, according to FEC figures. Despite a coordinated press blackout against him, LaRouche's monies raised are substantially larger than those raised by Bob Graham, Dennis Kucinich, Carol Moseley-Braun, and Al Sharpton.

For more information on the LaRouche campaign, and the activities of the candidate and his youth movement, see, or call 800-929-7566.

* Individual contributions are defined by the FEC as transactions by individuals giving $200 or more in total.

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