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Europeans See `Fascist Spectre'
Behind Schwarzenegger

Oct. 7, 2003 (EIRNS)—The following is the text of a release issued today by the LaRouche in 2004 Presidential campaign committee.

Leading British media outlets and political commentators are putting out the word which continues to be suppressed in the United States, except in the publications of the LaRouche Presidential campaign, that the campaign of Arnold Schwarzenegger represents the spectre of fascism in the United States.

The message being sent to Americans underscores that put out by the LaRouche in 2004 campaign in a mass leaflet, entitled "Return of the Beast," which warns that "Schwarzenegger, like Hitler before him, is the kind of "Beast-man" personality who is tapped, in a time of great crisis, to intimidate a population into sumission, out of terror, to the most murderous policies."

Most notable is today's main editorial in the Rupert Murdoch-owned London Times, which focusses on "the fascist spectre that stands behind Arnie." Chief commentator Lord William Rees-Mogg writes that he is not concerned about Schwarzenegger's praise of Hitler, as much as the fact that "Arnold Schwarzenegger is relying on the appeal of fascism, whether or not he is personally a fascist." "The politics of mass emotion are the politics of fascism," Rees-Mogg adds.

This British oligarch knows of what he speaks, and his further description of the "beast-man" role, described as "leadership," being played by Schwarzenegger complements what LaRouche alone has had the nerve to say in the United States.

"The core of all fascist movements is the direct relationship between the leader and the masses, not mediated through institutions of democracy. What does the leader do? He provides leadership. What allows him to provide leadership? The strength of his will. What is the evidence of the leader's will? The exciting feeling he creates of ultimate ruthlesness. How does Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrate this ruthlessness? By having played a machine—not even a man—which killed hundreds of people."

The Californian recall move, Rees-Mogg wrote, has provoked "straight conflict between the democratic principle and the Führer Prinzip (leadership principle), the issue of 1933."

How Hitlerism is being financed

The suppression of the reality of what Schwarzenegger represents in the United States, has everything to do with the mobilization of organized crime behind his campaign, in both the Republican and Democratic parties. A look into the funding of the Schwarzenegger campaign, and that of his "Twin" in the Democratic Party, Cruz Bustamante, reveals that they are both heavily financed by major Las Vegas casino owners, and their Indian gambling counterparts.

Schwarzenegger himself has been a beneficiary of the organized crime-linked casino interests, including casino financier Paul D. Wachter, since the early 1980s. Arnold is also backed by banker Russell Goldsmith, who is very close to Las Vegas casino kingpin Steve Wynn. Bustamante is notorious for his reliance on the Indian gambling interests, themselves frontgroups for the financiers behind the casinos. Bustamente's connection to these organized crime-linked circles helps explain why he is openly campaigning for the recall—and thus, effectively, for the election of Beast-man Schwarzenegger.

On the national level, the Schwarzenegger-Bustamante operation is being backed by the "Bull Moose" combination identified by Lyndon LaRouche in the summer of 2002, the duo of Arizona Senator John McCain, and Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. McCain, who is currently actively campaigning for Schwarzenegger, and Lieberman, who supports Bustamante, are both notorious for their own connections to financial interests involved with gambling and organized crime, and are simultaneously back by Conrad Black's Hudson Institute, which promotes the murderous economic and strategic policies that demand a "strong-man" to be implemented.

Exemplary of the international fascist policies pushed by Schwarzenegger's financial supporters is the fact that Hummer corporate owner Ira Rennert, who hires Arnie as a global spokesman for his "military" vehicle and funds his Inner City Games foundation, is a leading funder of the pro-Armageddon, Temple Mount fanatics in Israel, as well as the genocidal policies of the fascist Sharon government.

A defeat for Schwarzenegger is today's recall election, is the most potent action citizens can take, in order to defeat the rise of Hitlerian fascism in the United States.

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