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LaRouche Backs Calls for
Investigation of D.C. Voting Irregularities

Jan. 15, 2004 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the LaRouche in 2004 political campaign committee.

Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche today endorsed the calls for an investigation of the vote tabulation in Tuesday's primary election. Members of the D.C. Council and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton are calling for an investigation of widespread problems with the newly-introduced touch-screen voting machines, which reportedly resulted in a sharp jump in the total turnout figures early Wednesday morning. LaRouche said that he is endorsing the calls for an investigation, in light of the fraudulent character of the reported voting results, which, he stated, have no correlation to polls conducted in the 24-hour period prior to the primary, which had shown LaRouche to be running neck-and-neck with Al Sharpton.

LaRouche noted the known pecularities of the touch-screen voting system, and reports of problems with the vendor who operated the machines, and irregularities in the delivery of the touch-screen tallies to election headquarters.

The chairman of the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics, Benjamin F. Wilson, has said that he would welcome an investigation of the vote tabulation.

Statement on Stockwell show

On January 14, speaking live on the Jack Stockwell radio talk show, LaRouche had given the following preliminary evaluation of the results of the D.C. primary.

"We had polls which were run before the day of election, which showed both Sharpton and I running about 20%. He was suddenly getting a boost from the Moonies and so forth, and being played up by the Washington Post. So, he suddenly came out of nothing. He had an office there, with just scrap paper in it, and no sign of him. And then three days before the election, and so forth, he appears with a big boost from that crowd.

"Now, at that point, we had a 20%-20% ratio between him and me. Then comes yesterday—I'm down to 1%! And, obviously, something happened. Now, our assessment is, this was not the Democratic National Committee that did it. Though the Democratic National Committee was all over the case. The Democratic National Committee did not do what was done, yesterday. It came from a different source—and there's only one source in the nation, that fits that schedule: that's the Vice President."

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