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LaRouche Schedules
Webcast for July 15

June 20, 2004 (EIRNS)—The following statement was issued today by the LaRouche in 2004 political campaign committee.

You are cordially invited to attend a webcast hosted by LaRouche in 2004 on July 15, 2004. The subject of the discussion, which will be keynoted by Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche, is encapsulated in the following statement, issued by LaRouche on June 20.

The webcast will begin at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, and will be accessible through the campaign website, Those wishing to attend the event, which will occur in the Washington, D.C. area, must pre-register; please call 1-800-929-7566 for more information.

The New Threat of Fascism Today

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Now, that we might hope that Vice-President Dick Cheney and his neo-conservatives are apparently, at last, on the way out, the remaining, new great strategic threat to the U.S.A. today, is currently radiating from Liberal Britain's infamous Fabian Society. That Society is the principal accomplice, and virtual master of Vice-President Cheney and his accomplice, Britain's Liberal Imperialist Prime Minister Tony Blair. The new overt threat to the U.S.A. itself, is expressed by those in Europe who foresee as their tool, a continued expansion of an expanded European Union under the influence of British Liberal imperialists such as London's Blair/Cheney crony Baroness Symons, and overtly fascist, imperialist technician Robert Cooper. That is the assigned, imperial role for a bloated anti-American collection of increasingly failed states, the virtual Tower of Babel which displayed itself in a recent election of the new European Union.

Under this circumstance, the great challenge facing the late-July Democratic National Convention, is to launch a campaign for the November 2004 Federal general election, which will bring into power not only an appropriate new President, but also a winning combination of elected Democratic and Republican members of Congress, a combination which will function in cooperation with the new President, as Congress did under the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Today, as the U.S.A. and the world wobble on the brink of the greatest world monetary-financial crisis in modern history, we need a new quality of Administration of the U.S.A. We require, absolutely, a new Administration which is qualified in both intellect and commitment, to lead the planet wracked by this new crisis as Roosevelt saved the world from the fascist world tyranny which would have conquered the world but for a Roosevelt-led U.S.A. over the 1933-1945 interval, until that President's untimely death.

The most important of the valid reasons for optimism about the world's future, should such a new Administration be installed in January 2005, is that the world has a presently crying need for such a role of inspiring leadership from a post-Bush new Administration which is cast in the memory and spirit of FDR.

Should an November election victor with those qualities not be selected, the spread of a new London Liberal Imperialist fascist tyranny controlling the European Union, would take an increasing role in leadership in world affairs, as the rise to power of Mussolini and Hitler had already virtually ensured that fascist takeover of a continental Western and Central Europe leading into World War II by the time of FDR's inauguration. This danger is to be recognized as merely typified by the influential role of frankly fascist and imperialist Robert Cooper's and the "Euro-Socialist's" dogma within the European Union now. It is a danger inhering in the dismal potential for electoral chaos within the European Union, under the inevitable near-term effects of any approximation of the present, neo-Schachtian, fiscal austerity rules. The fascist policies being promoted within the orbit of the European Union, from Blair's London, are currently already in the ascendency there, if not yet consolidated forces in power.

The danger is not yet irreversible, but the threat is growing, and spreading, as the recent European Union elections showed that Union to be becoming, in effect, an aggregation of "failed states."

The danger does not lie within European culture as such. After all, the culture of the U.S. itself was then, in FDR's time, and now, predominantly a sampling of the best we brought into this continent from Europe. The problem is, that under the impact of that prolonged Anglo-Dutch imperial hegemony against which we fought for our own national independence, Europe is still, up to the present day, dominated by systems of government which have yet to be fully freed from the radiated effects of that 1763 Treaty of Paris which established the Anglo-Dutch British East India Company of Lord Shelburne and others, as the hegemonic imperial, financier-oligarchical power in Europe. That was the essential, historical root-cause of the two World Wars of the last century, and is the root of the conditions leading into the presently imminent economic doom of the world's present monetary-financial system today.

At this coming Democratic Convention, we must turn the clock back to the anti-colonialist and related policies which President Franklin Roosevelt had intended for the postwar world, until he was taken from us by his moment of death. We must resolve to become, once again, what we as a nation were created to become, a temple of liberty and justice, and a beacon of hope for all mankind.

The danger is terribly great, but the opportunity for building a peaceful and prosperous future is great, and we, of the U.S.A., are blessed to have the responsibility for taking those first steps which will help to put a threatened world back, once more, along the pathway toward peace and progress, a better world to be established among a world community of perfectly sovereign peoples and nations.

Our task is not only to forge a coalition of the best traditions of our two major parties, as the FDR coalition expressed this, but to craft the kind of new Presidency and a new partnership among Presidency, Congress, and Federal states, which can tap the power of the special national genius embedded in the crafting of our Federal Constitutional republic.

The Democratic Party must agree, however reluctantly, to put aside the petty wheeling-and-dealing of its presently opportunistic habits of money-grubbing, petty-minded politics, to rise to the nobility of overturning those failed habits of policy-making which have, in the main, ruled and ruined our nation, during the drift of the recent forty years.

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