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The `Uro-Socialism' Threat
to the U.S.A.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 20, 2004 (EIRNS)—This statement was issued today by the LaRouche in 2004 Presidential campaign committee.

Any attempt to define a competent national security doctrine for the U.S.A. now must take into account the threat to Trans-Atlantic civilization represented by the rapid emergence of some Europeans' ideas for which the gentlest possible of appropriate technical terms, is "a comic-opera farce": a new, secular, and frankly lunatic echo of medieval ultramontanism in Europe: a London-steered, frankly imperialist, and implicitly fascist, anti-American cult parading under such banners as "Euro-socialism."

The admittedly bad recent behavior of the U.S. did not create this problem, although Lynne Cheney's connections to the Liberal Imperialist British government of Tony Blair are relevant parts of the picture. Nonetheless, the blame for assisting the spread of this London-directed psychosis inside continental Europe, is to be found among the side-effects on the European mind which have been fostered by a too long toleration of the antics of the frankly lunatic, current Bush-Cheney regime, as tolerated by the institutions of the U.S.A. itself. The guilt for this includes the role of the corrupt elements, such as the recently, once again ranting-and-raving, mad, far-right-wing war-monger, Senator Joe Lieberman, within the leadership of Terry McAuliffe's U.S. Democratic National Committee.

Overall, what the U.S.A. has done, or tolerated among its own leading political circles, during the recent years, especially since President George W. Bush, Jr.'s January 2002 State of the Union address, was as much as was needed to drive an increasing number of continental Europeans, and some others, over the edge into madness. We did not create the idea of a secular ultramontanist notion of an imperial European Union, but we have not prevented our government from driving some of the more fragile minds among influential and other Europeans over the edge, into the state of madness expressed from within growing, Euro-Socialist-centered circles in continental Europe today.

The notable characteristic of this current "Euro-socialism"-linked fad of moral decay among continental European circles, is the delusion that that design for a "Tower of Babel," an "enlarged" (in the prostate sense) European Union of reduced reproductive potential, will come to represent the means for establishing an effective, long-lasting triumph of revenge over Bush-Cheney insolence.

Such a wet dream of those European Union fanatics, however pleasing they may find it momentarily, will never be productive; but it can make a terrible mess of what remains of Europe today, and could contribute greatly to the risk of setting off a chain-reaction of effects contributing to bringing a protracted new dark age upon humanity generally. Several of the most ominous threats from this source are to be noted here. - The Threat to the Americas -

On the continent of Europe, the leading edge of this political cancer, this contemporary caricature of medieval anti-nation-state ultramontanism, is represented by the so-called "Euro-Socialists," which are, in fact, a subsidiary of the British Liberal Imperialist circles associated with the current 10 Downing Street of Prime Minister Tony Blair and of such among his nastier notable Fabian accomplices as Baroness Liz Symons. However, a variant of the same mental disorder is also reflected in the Euro-Socialists' de facto accomplices among certain nominally, sometimes explicitly, fascist Catholic circles whose network spreads from Italy into parts of Central and South America, including the frankly feudalist ultramontanism of such as those lunatics dreaming, still today, of a miraculous restoration of the Spanish Empire of the Grand Inquisitor and Hapsburgs, including all of the American territories once claimed by that royal house.

The Threat of Nuclear Warfare

We should also take note of the deadly implications of a clearly expressed intent among these foolish admirers of an imperial destiny for a European Union. The greedy intent of these fools, in a way already correctly perceived among relevant Russians, is to colonize, loot, gobble up, and enslave what remains of the former territory and people of the Soviet Union. This predatory lusting is featured prominently among the noble predatory zeal of the converts to the cult of this would-be new European Union version of a "Tower of Babel." The toleration of such a lunatic ambition among the liberal Euro-Socialist ultramontanists, puts a sharpened thermonuclear edge on the already existing, growing prospect for global asymmetric warfare as the not-too-distant future of, in particular, Eurasia as a whole.

Unfortunately, fanatics such as these Euro-Socialist imperialists, are, like Adolf Hitler, not the sort who would let little things such as reality, spoil their ideological devotions. The "Triumph of the Will" fanaticism of the hard-core converts to the ultramontanist goals for Euro-Socialist ideologues today, is such that their retort to the warnings that their project is insane, will be: "So what? If we go to Hell, we will take you with us." You think that would never actually happen? Do not fool yourself so; Hitler continued the war past the point, during 1942, when it was already, correctly evident, even to circles of Hermann Goering et al., that Hitler's ongoing war was already lost in principle, after Stalingrad and Midway. The observable, maddened flight from intellectual rigor among today's leading intellectual advocates of an ultramontanist's European Union, when closely considered, shows that they are no saner, no less fanatical in such respects, than the Nazi ideologues before them.

I have encountered the spread of other expressions of this particular form of corruption on the edges of some circles, in Europe, as in Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina, which had associated themselves with me in the past, but have subsequently chosen a morally defective, neo-feudalist imperialist orientation today. The links of these developments to providing a basis for terrorist activities within the Americas, is part of the general strategic threat of forms of warfare. My counterintelligence investigations into those cases of moral decay, have been helpful in discovering essential facts about the "Uro-Socialist" streams from which such currents flow to pollute the gutters of world politics. - Blair's London Runs Them -

The determining feature of this new ultramontanist attempt to uproot the institution of the sovereign nation-state, is to be recognized as a continuation of the same methods by which the Anglo-Dutch Liberal imperialism of the British East India Company was established by the 1763 Treaty of Paris.

As I have presented this history lesson earlier, this was the policy associated with the overreaching influence of the notorious Lord Shelburne, who was the first to codify the notion of an Anglo-Dutch Liberal form of a British empire. Since that time, the methods used by London in orchestrating the so-called "Seven Years' War" concluded at the 1763 Paris Treaty, have been used repeatedly by London, with similar intent, to similar effect: to turn the nations of continental Europe into mortally squabbling fools, as a means for promoting and defending the Venice-style financier hegemony of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal interest. Such were the British intentions in orchestrating the French Revolution of 1789-1794, the Napoleon wars, and the two World Wars of the last century.

Today, the British Liberal Imperialist outlook of Shelburne et al., is continued by the Fabian Society's Liberal Imperialist tradition of H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, et al., all the way down, down, down to Blair, Cheney crony Symons, et al.

In short, those continental Europeans lured into the view of the enlarged European Union as a wet dream of anti-American fantasy-life, are once again proving some people on the continent to be the species of great fools the Anglo-Dutch Liberals have made, repeatedly, of continental Europeans, over preceding centuries. The only way to understand such continental European propensity for becoming dupes, over and over again, is to think of the ideological implications of the concluding performance by the actor playing the role of the Professor, in the film featuring Marlene Dietrich, "The Blue Angel." Think of the proposed European Union rock-opera-style remake of that film as appearing under the title of "Uro-Socialism." - U.S. Security Interests -

Meanwhile, we must hope to help save Europe from the grip of such babbling mass-insanity. It really does need saving, and that urgently, considering the trends of the most recent several months. This psychotic fad of Euro-Socialist anti-Americanism, must be put into custodial safekeeping now, before the effects become irreparable. We in the U.S.A. have a deep moral responsibility, to pay for our nation's recent sins, especially those of the Bush-Cheney regime, by taking steps to ensure that that correction in both Europe's outlook and the improvement of its people's life-expectancy, occurs now.

An affirmation of the proper common goals of globally extended European civilization, as such goals were variously stated and implied by a pre-Truman, Franklin Roosevelt Presidency, is the urgently needed adoption of a common perspective and common cause, by the U.S. and Europe, including equal Russia's partnership, today. Anything, from inside the U.S.A., or outside, which threatens the prospect of the partnership dedicated to what must become the common aims of mankind, is to be regarded as of no less rank in importance than a political threat to the most vital long-term, Constitutional interests of the U.S.A. itself.

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