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LaRouche Launches Campaign,
Real Democratic Platform To
Take White House from Cheney/Bush

July 25, 2004 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today from Boston by the LaRouche in 2004 Presidential Campaign committee.

Speaking to a capacity audience at the John Hancock Hotel and Conference Center this evening, Lyndon LaRouche, candidate for the 2004 Presidential nomination of the Democratic Party announced, "I will be leading the fight to bring a Democratic candidacy into the White House--And you are going to be part of it!" (see transcript and audio archive of his presentation).

The packed audience of Democratic Party delegates to the 2004 convention, leaders of the LaRouche Youth Movement, about a dozen Democratic Party elected officials, and Boston area LaRouche supporters, were attending a meeting where LaRouche announced the release of his program for a Democratic victory in November, called LaRouche's Boston Platform: A Real Democratic Party Platform For November. Released as a 30-page pamphlet, LaRouche's Boston Platform is being distributed in "tens of thousands of copies" to all delegates, alternates, media, and Democratic activists who are in Boston for the Democratic Convention, as well as to the general public.

In it, LaRouche says, "an usually tough platform--the attached platform!--must be placed in general circulation at the time of the Boston nominating convention." He says, "I am resolved that we must defeat the attempted continuation of the Bush-Cheney (or, is it the Cheney-Bush?) Administration by, first, dumping Cheney from the government immediately (otherwise, there might not be a November, 2004 election)....

"Look at the convention which is about to open up tomorrow afternoon. It will be, in large degree, a silly affair at least to the degree that the people who control the convention, are able to control it.... But nonetheless, I am determined that the Democratic Party shall win the November election. And, we are going to do it."

Referencing the Democratic National Committee's operation, in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, that cancelled the contracted, and paid-for meeting facilities for LaRouche and the LaRouche Youth Movement at Boston hotels, LaRouche said, "They tried to exclude me out. I include them in!"

LaRouche added that he knows what to do immediately to rebuild the economy "tomorrow," as Franklin Delano Roosevelt knew what to do the day he became President after the 1932 election. "I know what to do," said LaRouche, and asked, do the rest of you know?

A copy of LaRouche's Boston Platform is posted on the campaign's website, www.larouchein2004.com.