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LaRouche Movement and EIR Questioning of Democratic National Committee, on C-SPAN TV, in the Opening DNC Press Conference in Boston

BOSTON, July 25, 2004 (EIRNS)—LaRouche Youth Movement leader Matthew Ogden and EIR Washington correspondent Bill Jones introduced reality to the C-SPAN broadcast today of the opening Convention press conference.

First, Ogden asked DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, who claimed to be appealing to youth to be active in the party, why the DNC and McAuliffe had arranged for the cancellation of the LYM rooms in Boston (see National Press Release). McAuliffe replied at first, that he knew nothing about it, and that perhaps "others" present did. Ogden then told McAuliffe, "You personally told me a few weeks ago that you don't want to see Dick Cheney removed from office, that you want him on the Republican ticket. You certainly know that this will make it all the more likely that Cheney will be able to arrange for a circumstance in which the election itself can be cancelled." McAuliffe then replied that it was Cheney who had cancelled the LYM rooms in Boston.

At that point, Convention Chairwoman Alice Huffman moved immediately to close down the press conference, but EIR correspondent Jones called on Convention Chairman, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, to explain why the Democratic party had turned away from the style of development economic associated with Franklin Roosevelt, adapting instead to the Republican style of economic austerity. Gov. Richardson began as follows: "The Democratic Platform, you will see, has Senator Kerry's call for a middle class tax cut—why is everybody leaving? Is it something I said? Maybe we should stop."

Richardson and Huffman then quickly declared the conference closed, with Huffman promising to hold such press briefings daily.