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LaRouche Announces Democratic
Victory Offensive at Boston Press Conference

July 31, 2004 (EIRNS)—Audio archive of the webcast is now available:

High-speed audio: Stream Download (145 MB)
Low-speed audio: Stream Download (43.5 MB)

July 28, 2004 (EIRNS)—This release was issued on July 28 by the LaRouche in 2004 campaign committee.

On Friday, July 30, at 11:00 a.m. (EDT), Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. will hold a press conference at the John Hancock Conference Center, 40 Trinity Place, in Boston, Massachusetts, to announce the launching of a new political action committee, dedicated to assuring a Democratic Party victory in the November elections.

During the course of this week's Democratic convention events in Boston, the LaRouche Youth Movement has circulated 50,000 copies of LaRouche's A Real Democratic Platform for November 2004.

The newly launched PAC will distribute millions of copies of that document throughout the United States, between now and the November elections, to assure that the Democratic Party ticket of John Kerry and John Edwards is prepared to lead the party and the nation back to the kind of Franklin Delano Roosevelt policies and outlook that saved the United States and the world from the Depression and the threat of global fascism. Those same threats, in even more virulent form, are confronting the world today, and LaRouche has announced his commitment to revive the Democratic Party of FDR, to assure the November victory of the Kerry/Edwards ticket.

A spokesman for LaRouche emphasized that the LaRouche effort will be directed at the traditional "Forgotten Men and Women" who make up the backbone of the Democratic Party, and who are now suffering from a rapidly collapsing global economy, and from four years of Cheney/Bush efforts to transform the United States into a parody of the British Empire by unleashing Cheney's present policies of "preventive nuclear warfare." LaRouche and his PAC understand, that if Cheney/Bush were re-elected in November, the LaRouche spokesman warned, the United States would soon cease to exist as a true Constitutional republic, and the world as a whole would be plunged into decades of war and chaos in Syria, Iran, North Korea, in Africa, and many nations beyond.

To learn more about the LaRouche plan to wage a parallel campaign to assure a Democratic victory in November, attend the press conference; or listen, live, to the proceedings via audio stream on the worldwide web at www.larouchein2004.net, or www.larouchepac.com.