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Bush and Cheney:
The Vietnam Dodgers' Team

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 15, 2004

The issue is simple: President Bush and Dick Cheney, who successfully avoided military service in Vietnam, challenge the war record of the Senator Kerry who did serve. Bush did a state-side thing with the Texas National Guard, and Cheney managed to avoid the draft at the virtual last minute.

Admittedly, that war should not have occurred. The war was a creation of that "military-industrial complex" of Allen Dulles & Company, against which President, and General of the Armies Dwight Eisenhower had warned the nation. It was the war against which the greatest military commander of his time, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur had rightly and prophetically warned. Nonetheless, the lunatic right-wing utopians, such as McNamara, did plunge us into a form of asymmetric warfare we did not, and could not win.

Many, like Bush and Cheney, avoided service in Indo-China; but, some did it out of conscience, and without pretense. Bush and Cheney have never shown any relevant conscience in the matter. There is strong evidence to believe that Cheney has no conscience, and that the ordering of the internal processes of Bush's mind is yet to be plumbed to a point of professional certainty.

The point is, that the neo-conservative, compulsively lying madmen of today are typical of those behind Bush and Cheney, who, against the counsel of all sane military professionals, have plunged us into a new round of asymmetric warfare which, in the end, we could not win, and have done that by means of a great fraud perpetrated on the nation and the world by joint efforts of the Tony Blair government of the United Kingdom and the Bush-Cheney Administration of the U.S.A.

Senator Kerry was among those who went into McNamara's Indo-China war in good, if misguided faith. Two dodgers of active military service in that war, Bush and Cheney, have used official lies, in concert with the liberal-imperialist Fabian Prime Minister Tony Blair, to push the world into a spreading series of asymmetric wars in Southwest Asia, and into possibly China and North Korea, and other places, not far distant from now.

Bush's and Cheney's war record is clear; it is a record of men whose attacks on Kerry's service-record makes them as men without honor. Thus, all the issues of the Indo-China and Iraq wars taken into account, anyone who takes seriously the Bush team's efforts to cover up the facts of their own military service record by a fraudulent attack on Kerry's, simply prove, once again, in one more way, their unfitness for any high-ranking posts in government. What can be said, then, of those citizens foolish enough to vote for any representative of the slimy-backed pack with that team-record of the Bush-Cheney management?

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