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The Franklin Spy Case:
A Non-Partisan, Institutional Reflex

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 30, 2004

  1. The "Pollard Affair"-like issue of Paul Wolfowitz's asset Larry Franklin, and others, is the subject of a non-partisan response of relevant institutions of the U.S. Presidency to the active threat posed by the role of certain frankly lunatic, contaminated, and obviously expendable elements inside Israel, whose actions threaten to set off a nuclear version of "A New Middle East War." This would become immediately a globally spreading forest-fire of asymmetric warfare involving nuclear and other special weapons. Such a war would have immediately far, far more extensive immediate mass-homicidal ramifications and continuing reverberations than any earlier so-called "Middle East War" of modern times.

    Oil prices of much more than $100 a barrel would be only one among the likely early consequences.

  2. The subsuming intent of the culpable elements within U.S. institutions, is to set some of the military capabilities of Israel into an activated form of what RAND and related institutions defined, already decades ago, as a "breakaway ally" mode of nuclear "chicken," including use of nuclear weapons, against Iran and other targets of that region. That is, a U.S. ally, who, ostensibly impatient at lack of such desired military action from the U.S.A. itself, starts a war, sneering at the U.S. itself, as if to say: "We will start the war, and then you will have to fight it!"

  3. The culpable instruments include Israeli fanatics who might do to Ariel Sharon today something similar to, but far worse than what Sharon did to Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the invasion of Lebanon. The culpable madmen are by no means predominantly Israeli, but also nominally "fundamentalist," right-wing Protestant and Catholic elements of many nationalities, including those represented by traditionally pro-"rat-line" and other long traditionally anti-Semitic elements of the British and U.S. institutions. Some of the fanatical supporters of this drive to war are ungodly religious fanatics, who are mobilized to force what they feel to be a hitherto non-feasant God, to bring on what they consider the promised "Battle of Armageddon."

  4. For example, the rapid chain-effect of a "preventive" attack on the power-plant sites in Iran, by Israeli or other forces, would unleash forces whose immediate effects would be, as more and more responsible, and justly fearful Israelis are warning, both the subsequently assured obliteration of the existence of Israel, and a wildly spreading fiery chain-reaction around the world.

  5. This is not a Republican or Democratic partisan issue; it is an issue of national and global security posed by the actions of corrupt elements inside our own governmental and related institutions. It is a matter of one of the greatest sources of immediately active threats to national security today. On this issue, we who share that concern must be rallied as one.

  6. Fortunately, some responsible elements of our Federal institutions have responded to this now clear and present immediate danger in a responsible, institutional, non-partisan way. The remaining question is, principally: Will this be carried out by a timely and adequate continuing action in this matter?

  7. There are numerous forces around the world which would acclaim and support efforts to bring the enflamed and spreading situation in Southwest Asia under peaceful control. However, none of these are presently prepared to take effective action to that effect. The responsibility for initiating remedial actions to prevent what would become a global tragedy of humanity, lies with our United States.

  8. Some of our institutions have taken highly commendable steps to disrupt the immediate threat of a "breakaway ally" war throughout that region. More is needed. This requires a present, or immediate future President with the morals, courage, and personal capacity for decision to put his shoulder to that wheel.

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