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LaRouche: GOP Vote Suppression
Is a Coup Against U.S. Constitution

Nov. 11, 2004 (EIRNS)—The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee released the following statement today.

Those Republicans who engaged in vote suppression around the Nov. 2 Presidential elections are guilty of the crime of violation of the Federal Voting Rights Act and of the U.S. Constitution, former Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche declared during his Nov. 9 webcast discussion. LaRouche said that, "from a Constitutional law standpoint, what was made was a not-so-cold coup d'etat against the United States Constitution."

"Voter suppression—that's tyranny!" LaRouche charged. "That's dictatorship.... What is pouring in, in terms of evidence, day by day, is the evidence of a massive fraud by the Republican Party, which amounts to practically a criminal conspiracy."

In response to a number of questions about the fraud and irregularities in the elections, LaRouche said that the Republicans had taken advantage of the fact that the Democratic Party had not mobilized among the lower 80% of the population, instead still orienting toward the suburban "swing" voters, as it has in recent elections. To defeat the fraud being planned by the Republicans, required that the Democrats organize a landslide, but only the forces around LaRouche and those working with us, mobilized in this manner.

But otherwise, the Democratic Party was the "sitting duck party," LaRouche said, and was totally unprepared for the criminal operations that the Republican Party was planning.

The very fact of voter suppression is a violation of the Voting Rights Act, LaRouche said, and we should go from that, to look at the secondary crimes that were committed. Referring to Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, LaRouche said that the Republicans "had this guy, this so-called African-American ... saying he's in charge of the vote suppression program!" LaRouche said that this is an admission of a crime, adding: "It's a violation of Federal law, and I would go after that because a coup was run against the American people and the Constitution, by a violation of that law."

LaRouche elaborated: "Voter suppression is subversion, and a party that engages in voter suppression, the officials of that party who engage in that and those who knowingly cooperate in that program, are guilty of a crime, of violation of the Voters Rights Act, and they should be imprisoned for the relevant period of time, and they should be squeezed for all its worth.... What we have to do is take the moral high ground of authority, and say, well, you guys committed a crime. You allowed a crime to go on, called vote suppression. You were trying every pretext in the world to suppress the votes of people, known groups of people, and you were targeting on a racialist and similar basis. It's a crime. And I would say to these, let's start from the strong point that we have. We have a lot of evidence of irregularities, a lot of evidence of corruption. Things that could not have happened by accident. And therefore, let's start with what we've got the goods on these guys for. They engaged in a systemic voter suppression action. That had an effect on the vote. Therefore, you guys are guilty of a crime! Say, good morning, judge."

LaRouche's full remarks on voter suppression are included in the video archive and written transcript of his Nov. 9 webcast address which is available on the LaRouche PAC website www.larouchepac.com.