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Is Fallujah a New Dien Bien Phu?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Nov. 14, 2004 (EIRNS)—This statement was issued today by the LaRouche PAC political action commitee.

At this moment of the most deadly turning-point in world history, most of the people who should be thinking as commanders-in-chief, are acting, instead, like a pack of whimpering job-applicants who just received news that they had, probably, lost the job. I see in them men and women who prefer, to whimper, like poorly trained actors who had just failed at try-outs for the part of Hamlet. We need better leadership, political leadership like that which General Douglas MacArthur showed at Inchon, for example.

The piteous wailing of professional political cry- babies and other opportunists to one side, absolutely nothing else about U.S. or world history was finally determined on the morning of November 3rd. President George W. Bush has actually won nothing as much as a pack of troubles beyond anything he had experienced thus far.

Each currently passing day, Fallujah, for example, is looking more and more like Dien Bien Phu. The dollar is sinking; the Federal debt-crisis is far worse than anything in 1994, while the idiots are babbling like the professional losers they seem to have become, "The economy was not the issue of the campaign." The worst mortgage-based securities bubbles in history are about to pop. A raw- materials bubble in financial derivatives is ripe to explode. The added effects of an onrushing new escalation of so- called Middle East crises could send the price of petroleum way beyond even $100 a barrel, and blow out the entire "Middle East" region for decades to come. The onrushing collapse of the U.S. economy is worse than anything experienced, or even imagined during the Twentieth Century.

With the usual babblers' dubious proclamation of W's victory, we have thus entered a period of the greatest political opportunities in history, as the Prussian military advisors of Czar Alexander I understood, at the moment the self-doomed Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had just settled in for the occupation of Moscow. When I read the morning edition of the Washington Post, for example, I remember poor deluded Croesus, hearing the news from the babbling priestess of Delphi, thinking that he had actually been guaranteed a triumph.

Nothing else is settled about much of anything, except that the present Bush administration has probably just achieved the rank of the most ill-fated, momentary, most delusory victory, in all U.S. history to date.

So, why are all those recent job-applicants for posts in the Presidency sitting around, mooning like dejected job- applicants, when the time for the most important intervention in the leadership of world affairs has just now begun? I remember how President Abraham Lincoln felt before he brought Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan into play. There is the most important battle in U.S. history needing to be fought and won right now, and the roster of applicants for leadership I see around me, are like cowards griping in the shadows, cautiously waiting to see "how it all turns out."

Amid all of the uncertainties I see clearly now, I am absolutely certain about one thing. What the so-called "news media" are implying the present situation to be, has no resemblance to the reality of what is about to burst loose on the landscape, most probably between now and Christmas, certainly before that intended Belshazzer's feast otherwise known as the coming January inauguration. All Hell is now about to bust loose, and there are powerful circles of people in the shadows, inside and outside the U.S.A., who know this, and who are positioning themselves to move accordingly. I do not know all the answers to my questions about what some of these folk are positioning themselves to do, but I see them clearly positioning themselves, and I understand what the situation is which is impelling them to prepare for action to deal with what is already an impossible situation for both the U.S.A. and the world at large.

I have many important questions, which any competent political leader of our nation would be asking now. I do not yet have the answers to most of these questions, but I am way ahead of both most of my putative political rivals, in addition to the abundantly misinformed proverbial man-in-the-street, because, I, at least, have the right questions.

Seeing the sheer insanity of W's lunatic campaign stunt, his lunatic lurch, sending marines and others to die for no good purpose, in Fallujah, I know that only terrified cowards think that anything important was actually settled by the morning of November 3rd. If you wish to be the first, or, at worst, the second, to discover what is about to happen next, stay tuned to this channel. What is about to happen, is probably something most of you would never dream to be possible. As was formerly said in China, and perhaps along the China straits, again, just now, we are "living in interesting times."

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