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LaRouche PAC Issues Mass Pamphlet Against Social Security Privatization

Dec. 28, 2004 (EIRNS)—The following release was issued today by the LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Before 2005 begins, Lyndon LaRouche's political action committee, LaRouche PAC, will issue a mass pamphlet entitled "Bush's Social Security Privatization: A Foot-in-the-Door for Fascism." The 32-page pamphlet includes documentation—on the "Chile model" of privatization; on Bush's lies about his "reform;" and about the authors of this rip-off—which cannot be found anywhere else.

After reading this pamphlet, no citizen can swallow the line that Social Security privatization is a way to "save" the most successful social welfare program in U.S. history. Rather, the intent of the "reform" is to grab one of the largest income streams in the U.S. economy, for the sake of a bankrupt financial system. The outcome of the same plan in Chile was devastating for the working population, but provided profit rates of 20-50% for the funds which managed the pensions—most of which are now controlled by foreign financial institutions.

Key operators in this scheme, who are profiled in the pamphlet, are George Shultz, the éminence gris behind monetarist economic policy from the late 1960s forward; John Train, an investment banker and spook, who began his political career in the early 1950s; and José Piñera, the former Chilean labor minister who has campaigned nearly full-time for privatization from his post at the Cato Institute for more than a decade.

The final section of the pamphlet reviews the approach for actually ensuring Social Security: the building up of the physical economy through an FDR-style infrastructure-building program.

The pamphlet has five sections:

  • Lyndon LaRouche on Social Security Theft and Vote Theft

  • The "Chile Model" of Fascist Economy

  • The Bush Plan: Lies, Theft, and Fascist Looting

  • Profiles of the key movers of privatization schemes

  • How To Beat Bush on Social Security Theft

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