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Fascism and State-Based Religion

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 3, 2005

The delusion is, that the array of pro-Bush religious fruitcake collection, built of a partnership, forged in large part by Billy Graham, between Jonathan Edwards/Darbyite Protestant fruitcakes and dark-age fascist, nominal Catholics, is not a lobby directed to influence government; it is a Bush- government-created state religion, created and deployed to impose a de facto dictatorship on the U.S.A.

Think of the Gallican churches of France's pro-Frondist Louis XIV and the mimickry of Louis by Napoleon Bonaparte's imperial state religion. Think of the Roman Empire's use of its Pantheon as a state religion, and the action by Constantine to make Christian bishops agents of Constantine's Pantheon. Think of the Venetian-Norman ultramontane empire founded upon the presumption of the fraudulent "Donation of Constantine" dogma. Think of Venice's use of the Habsburg faction it created, as an adjunct of Norman Anjou heritage, to launch the religious warfare of the 1492-1548 interval against the institution of the nation-state created by the Fifteenth-Century Renaissance of Christianity.

Think of the way in which the fascist right wing, organized under the banner of the Bush faction's new state religion, has been used to mobilize the African-American clergy around the Moonies' pioneering in introducing a right-wing system of state religion in which the "faith-based initiatives" are recruiting pastors who used to be civil-rights loyalists, creating a network of churches assembled thus to worship money.

Look at the unity of George Bernard Shaw's key role in creating the British fascist movement of Chesterton, et al., which produced the Distributists and the thundering nitwits of the Nashville Agrarian. Think of William Yandell Elliot, and of Brzezinski, Huntington, Kissinger, et al. Think of the American Enterprise Institute's Novak and its penetration of the Catholic parishes and religious orders of eastern Europe. Think of the effort by the Anglo-Americans, to intimidate the Catholic Church to abandon its resistance to that evil which was and is the Enlightenment: another case of the effort to impose state-based religion as an instrument of Anglo-American imperial tyranny.

The only way to defeat this religious guise for a new fascist movement is to expose it for what it is in fact, another (explicitly anti-constitutional) state-based religion.

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