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The Republic Has Been Saved!
Now Get Congress To Rebuild the Country!

May 24, 2005 (EIRNS)—Upon hearing of the May 23 agreement in the U.S. Senate, which stopped cold the coup d'etat which Dick Cheney et al. were planning to carry out with the "nuclear option," Lyndon LaRouche seconded the words of senior Senator Robert Byrd. Senator Byrd said,

"Well, I remember Benjamin Franklin, the oldest in the group that signed the Constitution of the United States. He was approached by a lady who said, 'Dr. Franklin, what have you given us?'

"And he said, 'A republic, madam, if you can keep it.'

"We have kept it."

And now that we have kept it, LaRouche said, patriots must seize the new situation in the Senate to press the agenda of economic reconstruction, saving General Motors, and saving the pension system. It's time to get Congress to act!

LaRouche Calls for
Emergency Mobilization to
Save U.S. Constitution

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 22, 2005 (EIRNS)—The following text was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee as a mass leaflet under the title "Save Our U.S. Constitution Now!"

If you care about our country and your family's future, you must give full support for the U.S. Senate's Democratic Party leadership now! On this Tuesday, Senate Republican Leader Frist is prepared now to act to tear down the Constitution of the U.S.A., in an effort to establish a right-wing White House dictatorship in the U.S.

The immediate target of this attempted illegal coup d'etat is the institution of the U.S. Senate. The purpose is to overturn the U.S. Constitution, in favor of White House dictatorship, by breaking the Constitutional powers built into the Senate's power to impose checks and balances against an out-of-control Presidency or temporary errant majority of the House of Representatives. This provision to defend our Constitution was centered in the powers of advice and consent which the Constitution assigned specifically to the U.S. Senate.

Do not be taken in by the fraudulent claims that the contested judicial nominees are "Christians." When judges of fascist leanings are up for confirmation, the issue is not religion, but economics. The issue is, which side will those judges take, when the financial sharks come to eat you in foreclosure proceedings?

Those of us old enough, or well-educated enough to remember, know what I am saying.

Leading Democrats and others recognize that there is an ominous parallel between the incendiary activities of White House radical right-wing propaganda minister Karl Rove and Vice-President Dick "Hermann" Cheney's plot, and the incendiary actions used by Hermann Goering which led to Reichschancellor Adolf Hitler's seizure of dictatorial powers on February 28, 1933. Hitler never gave up those powers until the day he committed suicide in Berlin on April 30, 1945. Tens of millions of people died as a result of what happened in Berlin on February 27-28, 1933. With the present Bush Administration pushing for "preventive use" of existing nuclear weapons now, many more than tens of millions will die world-wide, if we let the U.S. walk down that same road now. That increasingly hysterically desperate administration now intends to use those weapons just about as quickly as you can say, "Remember what happened with Iraq."

The U.S. Senate, with its power of advice and consent today, is the chief bulwark standing between you and the consequences of that increasing push for a so-called "preventive" nuclear-warfare policy. Do not allow that original Constitutional intention of advice and consent to be thrown away by the kind of panicked parliamentary majority rule which gave Hitler dictatorial powers on February 28, 1933. If you allow Frist to succeed on Tuesday, or in the days following, no one can predict today, when, or where that warfare might stop.

Without the savage pressures from high-level circles within the Bush Presidency, many Republicans would quickly join with Democrats in preventing the Bush White House's attempted anti-Constitutional plot from being carried out. Therefore, massive support for both Democratic leaders and concerned, but often intimidated Republican Senators must be provided immediately.

The Economics Issue

U.S. citizens must not allow themselves to be fooled again. Citizens must recognize the real issues behind this evil White House grab for dictatorial one-party powers. The key issues are not judges' religious beliefs; the issues, as in the French Revolution of July 14, 1789, and the Hitler seizure of dictatorial powers on Febrary 28, 1933, are just plain economic. These right-wing judgeship candidates are being set up to help rob your child's piggy-bank, hardly a Christian enterprise.

At this moment, the U.S. economy is on the verge of a bigger general financial and physical-economic collapse than 1929-1933, and the forces controlling the pathetic figure occupying the Oval Office, such as the would-be "Hjalmar Schacht" of the situation, former Pinochet crony George Pratt Shultz, the architect of the Bush II Presidency, and a key backer of the President's Pinochet-style intention to rob you of Social Security protection. are determined that the people will have no pension, health-care, or bankruptcy protection against the onrushing deep collapse of the world's present financial system.

There is no excuse for anyone's giving support to this attempted Bush Administration grab for dictatorial powers. We of the U.S. not only recovered from the 1929-1933 collapse caused by the policies of the successive Coolidge and Hoover Administrations, but, under Franklin Roosevelt's Presidency, we prevented what would have been otherwise, an Adolf Hitler world dictatorship. We can do that again.

We do have a clear majority of our leading politicians who are good enough to make the decisions needed to get us safely through the presently onrushing world-wide financial collapse. Admittedly, many of them have made mistakes in the past. Nearly everyone makes mistakes, and big people tend to make the biggest mistakes. But, when we as a people bring ourselves together to face up to a problem, and to solve it, we of the U.S.A. have always won out, sooner or later. Hopefully, this time, it will be sooner.

For this purpose, the founders of our present Constitutional republic created a Constitutional system which is not only the best in the world still today, but is a model for dealing with precisely those kinds of financial crises which the parliamentary systems of Europe are not competent to deal with by themselves. Our experience under President Franklin Roosevelt is something which is still fresh in our national memory, especially among those still living who were young adults or adolescents during the 1930s and 1940s. What succeeded then is a starting-point for selecting the economic recovery measures we must begin instituting immediately today.

So, give our leaders a chance, especially those in the Senate fight to defend the Constitutional principle of advice and consent consigned to the Senate. Support them in this fight. Support them as if your personal freedoms depend upon that; they probably do. By supporting them, you will be defending our Constitutional system.

Support that system as if your life and our nation's future depended upon winning that fight. They do. I am supporting those engaged in this fight, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. So should you.

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