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Let Cheney-Bush Go Quietly Now

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Oct. 3, 2005 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

U.S. statesman and Democratic political leader Lyndon LaRouche issued the following statement Oct. 2. He will address this, and the global strategic crisis, in a Columbus Day international webcast, October 12, originating from Washington, D.C. The webcast, to be broadcast live at, will begin with a replay of LaRouche's prescient Oct. 12, 1988 press conference in Berlin, Germany, where he made concrete proposals to deal with the imminent collapse of the Soviet Union and reunification of Germany—proposals which, if they had been heeded, would have prevented the world from going through the disasters of the last 17 years.

Suddenly, recently, the White House Cheney-gang seemed to shift away from their lust for an immediate attack on Iran to target Syria. Then, the answer became clear, in Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's fit of hysteria at the blackboard, as Rummy attempted frantically to deny the rapidly deteriorating position of the U.S. military forces in Iraq. An attack on Syria would be an obvious cover for a desperate attempt to allow the U.S. forces to shoot their way out Iraq.

So, in EIR's weekend intelligence round-up in Leesburg Oct. 2, the facts we had been accumulating during the past two weeks clicked into place.

The key fact we needed to put the evidence as a whole into place came together as we conducted our week-end report on the status of the current strategic situation globally.

The bottom line for all this and much more besides, is that the current Bush-Cheney administration is the worst, most incompetent, and also most brutish government in all of U.S. history to date. This is a view which is largely shared by those who are my personal leading adversaries as much as friendly circles. We agree on one thing: this administration is a disaster which our republic could not survive for three more years of the present trends.

The time has come to tell the President and Vice-President to go quietly, for the sake of the nation, and also, like Nixon, to avoid the legal consequences of continuing to attempt to "tough it out." We could be most generous to them in their early retirement years, if they would kindly assist us in expediting the urgently needed return, by the established constitutional route, to the sane government we so urgently needed in this time of the gravest kind of global monetary-financial and economic crisis.

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