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LaRouche: The Senate Must Have the Guts To Keep Fascist Alito Off the Supreme Court

Jan. 13, 2006 (EIRNS)—The following release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee. Over the coming days, the LPAC expects to distribute the statement widely in leaflet form.

Speaking to an international webcast on January 11, Democratic leader Lyndon LaRouche issued an urgent warning to the Congress, and the nation, that the continued existence of the United States as a republic may depend upon the defeat of the nomination of Federalist Society member Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"This is truly a matter of national security," LaRouche said, and therefore LaRouche PAC is rushing the full transcript of LaRouche's webcast into production, to be circulated along with its latest "Children of Satan IV" pamphlet, which exposes the fascist roots of the Federalist Society. The webcast pamphlet will hit the streets of Washington, starting on January 17.

LaRouche's webcast warning should be a call to immediate action for all patriots concerned with saving the Constitution of the United States. He opened his statement with the following theme:

"As a great American patriot once said, 'These are times that try men's souls.' These are grim times. We have presently going on, in the Senate, a hearing of a man who lies: Sam Alito. The man's a liar. He's a member of the Federalist Society, which is a society assembled around the ideas and influence of a man, Carl Schmitt, who crafted the Adolf Hitler administration. Carl Schmitt, who lived in this country for some time, and influenced the formation of a Federalist Society, which now controls four of the nine Justices of the Supreme Court. And a fifth member of the Federalist Society, who, lying his head off up there on Capitol Hill, is about to be confirmed! And you would have five, out of nine Supreme Court Justices prepared to endorse a fascist government in the United States! And you have Senators who should have more guts, who are waffling, or being weak, in dealing with this fact. There is no honest debate about bringing Adolf Hitler and his tradition into the government of the United States!

"Most of the American people are becoming extremely angry about this situation, but some people who at other times are leaders—in the moment of crisis, when men's souls are tried, grim events grip them, and for the sake of learning to get along with the enemy, they compromise. And then, they are compromised. And then, our system of government is compromised...."

Later, LaRouche continued: "I see strong men—men and women I've regarded as strong, in the Senate—flinching! When the issue is: Are you willing to defend this nation from a takeover by Nazism?

"The issue is not opinion. The issue is Hitler!

"And we can't have him here."

And as the webcast concluded, LaRouche made the point again: "What I'm thinking today, as I worry about what's happening in the Senate today and tomorrow, will they capitulate and let this Alito pass? If they do, the existence of this nation is in jeopardy. Everything hangs on it. Often in the course of events, you come to a battlefield where you must win the war on that battlefield. That battlefield will not decide history as such, but the outcome of that battle will determine whether you can decide history or not."

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