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LaRouche: `Gonzales Takes the Fifth':
Time for the U.S. Senate
To Re-awaken to Reality

Feb. 6, 2006 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

At the day-long hearing today before the Senate Judiciary Committee, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales consistently refused to answer questions about the limits on Presidential power, either hiding behind the need for secrecy, or outright refusing to answer, allegedly out of concern of revealing the nature of the NSA spying program. In effect, commented Lyndon LaRouche, "Gonzales is refusing to honor his Constitutional obligations to report to the Senate, and is taking the Fifth. This is contempt for the Constitution, and it's particularly dangerous at this time."

The character of the hearing was signalled at the outset when Committee Chairman Arlen Specter announced that Gonzales would not be sworn in—contrary to standard policy. When the Democrats protested, a vote was taken, with Specter voting for two absent Republican Committee members by proxy. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein asked to see the proxies, which Specter refused to allow. Later in the hearing, while Feinstein was pressing Gonzales on what he considered legal under his view of Presidential prerogative (most of which Gonzales refused to answer), Feinstein asked if he considered it the President's right to send his Attorney General to the Congress to present false testimony.

On virtually every substantive question about the NSA program, including its scope, its targets, and its timing, Gonzales stonewalled.

This example of the Cheney-Bush Administration's total disregard for law and the Constitution, is especially dangerous because it occurs on the eve of a British-manipulated confrontation between the United States and Iran, a confrontation which would have an even more disastrous result for the world, and the United States, than the war against Iraq. The Administration is going along with the British war drive, and playing games with the Constitution. Administration policy, as enunciated over the past days by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld with the term "long war," is nothing but the British imperial policy of long-term subjugation of conquered nations, a Synarchist policy of perpetual war.

LaRouche noted that some members of the Senate are panicking over the Iran situation, because they do not understand the British hand behind this crisis, and are accommodating to the scenario. A competent understanding of the history of the British Empire, and recent activity by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, in particular, reveal that the British are playing both the U.S. Administration, and the Iranian government for patsies, pushing them toward a war that will bring down the world financial system, and create global chaos and irregular war. In this respect, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is acting like a British patsy, LaRouche said. And Cheney is nothing but a dumb, British-controlled thug, who tells the hapless President Bush what to do.

Under these circumstances, there is no alternative but for responsible members of the U.S. Senate to assert their Constitutional duty against the assumption of Carl Schmitt-like powers by the Executive, as demonstrated by Gonzales today. This reckless pursuit of fascist "executive authority" must be halted now, before the Administration is dragged by the British into the next war, which they have scheduled for the immediate months ahead.

LaRouche's Warning

In a pointed warning to those pushing a near-term military confrontation with Iran, Lyndon LaRouche had declared on Feb. 3: "An Iran confrontation or even a more limited military strike against Syria, would be merely a fuse. The bomb, that would be detonated by any such action, is the blowout of the entire global financial and monetary system."

LaRouche further warned that, while leading provocateurs for such confrontation inside the Bush Administration, led by Vice President Dick Cheney, appear to be ignorant of the "monetary bomb" that they are dangerously close to detonating, "no such naivete is to be found among the London-centered Synarchist circles who are orchestrating this showdown." "The same City of London-centered Synarchists who are promoting a one-world fascist 'post-Westphalia' bankers' dictatorship," LaRouche added, "have been pulling the strings of certain radical Islamists since the time of the Sykes-Picot Treaty and the 1920s British Intelligence sponsorship of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is urgent that the U.S. Senate not "react" to events, but face the reality of who is pushing an Iran confrontation, and why, LaRouche added.

A Venetian Modus Operandi

"We are staring at a confrontation," LaRouche warned, "more hideous than World War I, because the global financial and monetary system is already on the verge of vaporization, and any new military confrontation in the world's oil patch, particularly one involving the possible pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons, will trigger global war, chaos, and the unleashing of a full-scale new Dark Age. The fools in Washington, typified by Vice President Cheney, have no idea what they are detonating. They just blindly follow the orders of Synarchists like George Shultz.

"Nevertheless," LaRouche concluded, "the actions of Cheney and company, who are pushing a military showdown with Iran in the immediate weeks ahead, threaten to destroy the United States as a sovereign Republic, just as their recent antics to install Samuel Alito on the United States Supreme Court represented a large step towards ripping up the U.S. Constitution as a living document. Such actions border on treason."

LaRouche emphasized that London financial circles are operating off a long-standing "Venetian modus operandi" of orchestrated conflict. "In the history of the British Empire, which was launched with the orchestration of the Seven Years War (1756-1763)," he explained, "London has persistently employed the Venetian method of orchestrating wars across Eurasia, as a means of maintaining the British Empire against challenges from continental rivals.

"Study the history," LaRouche said, "and you see the recurring pattern: The Seven Years' War, the British East India Company-orchestrated French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War, the British-manipulated U.S. Civil War, the British-backed French invasion of Mexico, then World War I and World War II, the Winston Churchill-orchestrated Cold War, the Indochina War. The British start wars in which they induce two parties to fight it out.

"Sometimes, as in World War I and II, the British participate, and suffer heavy casualties, too; but, that is the price they pay for manipulating their rivals and others alike into the waves of ruinous conflict in which the London-centered imperialist financier faction comes out on top, sooner or later. Right now, in the matter of Iran, Jack Straw and other British are playing the present government of Iran, the U.S. institutions, even many in the Democratic party, and others, for fools, once again.

"At present," LaRouche continued, "the City of London-centered financier circles know that if the present global financial and monetary system collapses, as the result of a new Persian Gulf-centered confrontation, the financier crowd, through their offshore hedge fund operations, which hold nominal ownership over much of the planet's raw material wealth, will seize control over the world. Under the present system of laws, these London circles will claim ownership over the raw material and productive capacities of the planet, and we will have total globalization, global Synarchist dictatorship."

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