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Shoot, Look, and Listen

Feb. 13, 2006 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche issued the following statement today. It was released by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

What Cheney did at the Armstrong Ranch this past weekend was once called "friendly fire." Technically, cases of "friendly fire" include not only the companion shot in the face, but the cases of, for one, the shooter limping back from the battle to the aid-station after shooting himself in the foot, or, the other case, of the fellow eligible for the Vietnam draft, who avoided service for yet another time, by a miraculously timely impregnation of his wife. Both interpretations are appropriate for what Cheney tried to cover up this past weekend, after apparently mistaking his Republican ally for a flock of birds on Saturday. All come under the heading of "friendly fire." Shakespeare would advise, "Keep Cheney away from his rival, President Bush." Time to take his guns away from him, before he kills more innocent birds, and people, too.

Evasion like that perpetrated by Vice-Cheney, over the matter of the Saturday shooting incident, is not only a case of implicitly fraudulent negligence. It expresses a form of lying. Cheney lied in inducing the U.S. Senate to support what is still the ongoing asymmetric warfare in Iraq; Cheney is lying again — some would say, habitually — about the urgency of launching an attack on Iran whose included effect, apart from killing an enormous number of people, would almost certainly be to blow out the entire world's present monetary-financial system.

What is needed now, is not more of Cheney's "friendly fire," but a downright hostile expulsion of the reckless shooter from the office of Vice-President, as Walter Mondale once said, "Early and often."

This sweet Tuesday would be a good day to send sweet messages, such as "Dump Cheney while we still have a planet!" Who knows what new cases of "friendly fire" might be prevented in that way. London's dumping Cheney accomplices such as Britain's Blair and Straw, would be a very good idea, too. Unfortunately, since it is the time of the February events at which Democratic and Republican aspirants are lining up for the long-distance run to the November 2008 Presidential election, the perceptions of personal and national interests are not necessarily harmonious ones at this moment. The fighting Democratic Party of 2005 is needed back in the trenches, where the fight to save the nation, and probably also civilization, is the crucial issue of these days. The flopping on the deadly issue of the Alito confirmation, shows a certain ominous confusion among some of the leading Democrats, who have matters other than the judgment of history before their eyes.

Sometimes, as Shakespeare's reference to the Ides of March illustrates the point, the spell of oncoming history is shown in a small discordant event, such as the way the moral character flaws of Vice-President Cheney were exhibited so dramatically by his part in the case of friendly fire — or was it, knowing Cheney, "fragging"? — this past weekend. The great Shakespeare, in his later years, would surely have crafted a dramatic presentation of the tragedy of our times in ominous small events, such as Cheney's unmasking his soul in his shameful flight from the scene at the Armstrong Ranch this past weekend.

The least we could do, for the cause of public safety of people and birds alike, is to remove that ugly, scowling character, that penny-ante Iago, Cheney, from the stage, while there is still time to do so. It is time for Congress, or, perhaps, President Bush, to arrange that expulsion now.

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