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LaRouche on `the Crash of the Greenspan Bubble' at April 27 Webcast

April 12, 2006 (EIRNS)—The following announcement was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Among other topics, leading economist Lyndon LaRouche will address how to deal with the impending crash of the Greenspan Bubble, at his April 27 international webcast. That webcast will begin at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, and be broadcast from Washington, D.C. It will be accessible live on and

In a paper being prepared for publication in the April 21 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, LaRouche points to the growing warnings from bankers about a global financial blowout, which he indicates will begin with the "Great Leesburg Bust of 2006." After referencing his unparalleled record as a forecaster, and the utter unpreparedness of virtually all leading circles for dealing with the impending crisis, LaRouche described the situation as follows:

"The world is now threatened, during the immediate months ahead, with the most severe breakdown in global economy since the so-called 'New Dark Age' crisis set off by the mid-Fourteenth-Century crash of the ultramontane Venice's tool, the Lombard banking system. What is rumbling now from under the burgeoning, saturated drain-fields of Loudoun County, Virginia, is a twitch. Week by week, there is, an accelerating rate of a margin of unsold, empty houses, an ironical warning of a great crash of Alan Greenspan-created mortgage-based-securities bubble: a crash about to hit with panic force.

"Some silly people will say that I am 'threatening to talk the economy into a recession.' Denying the existence of a crocodile already moving about in the children's bedroom will not make the hungry crocodile go away. Matters have reached the point, that some very responsible Federal and related banking circles are now issuing carefully crafted warnings to the witting, of the great U.S. real-estate crash about to strike, probably as early as this Summer, or even, perhaps, earlier."

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