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LaRouche Updates His Warning on Cheney Plans for Preventive Bombing Against Iran

June 5, 2006 (EIRNS)—The following statement was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Despite positive announcements by the Bush Administration on direct negotiations with Iran, Lyndon LaRouche has issued an updated warning that a series of terrorist attacks on the World Cup soccer tournament in Germany, could still provide Vice President Dick Cheney with a pretext for near-term bombing attacks against Iran.

LaRouche issued the warning, based on revelations about high-profile, so-called anti-terror raids in London, England and Toronto, Canada in the past week. In the case of the Toronto raid, news reports now reveal that police planted the key evidence. In the London incident, police are now admitting that their informant may have been "mistaken," in claiming that cyanide and sarin gas attacks against the London subway system and other high-profile targets were imminent. Such sting operations and high-profile police raids have been used, in the past, to create a psychological climate of fear, to prepare the public for big terror attacks.

In his original May 24, 2006 alert for a possible terrorist attack on the World Cup games (which begin June 9 in Germany) which could lead to a preventive attack on Iran, LaRouche had identified the Synarchist International as the agency behind any such asymmetric warfare assault on the soccer tournament. The objective of such an incident would be to blame the attack on Iran, and justify military strikes on as many as 400 sites inside the Islamic Republic. LaRouche emphasized that no nation-state, not even Iran, had any vested interest in a terrorist attack on the World Cup.

LaRouche, responding to the news reports from Canada and Britain, said, "Assume that the danger to Germany is still on. If, as the news reports indicate, the two incidents in Toronto and London were cooked up by security authorities, then this leads me to suspect that attacks on the World Cup are on, despite the recent setbacks that Vice President Cheney and his war party allies have suffered, with the State Department initiative."

The Stings

According to reports in Sunday's Toronto Star and other Canadian newspapers, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police delivered three tons of ammonium nitrate, a key ingredient in a fuel-air bomb, like the truck bomb that was used in Oklahoma City in 1995, to a location, and then launched a dragnet on Friday, June 2, arresting 17 Canadian Muslims, and charging that they were part of a "homegrown" pro-al-Qaeda cell, plotting terrorist attacks in Canada and, possibly, in the United States. When the RCMP announced the raids and arrests, they made no mention of the fact that they had provided the explosives.

Police in London carried out a 4 a.m. raid on June 2, at the home of two London-born Bangladeshi men, claiming that they were plotting lethal cyanide and other biological and chemical weapons attacks against City targets. The London yellow press ran scare headlines, such as "Cyanide Fear Triggered Terror Raid" and "Terror Suspects Planning Nerve Gas Attack in London." One of the two men was shot in the police raid, which was based on information passed to MI-5 by an unidentified "informant." Now, after a thorough search of the home, police are admitting that there was no evidence found of any chemical or biological weapons.

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