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UAW Leadership Has Very Dirty Hands in Synarchist Dismemberment of Auto Industry

June 12, 2006 (EIRNS)—The following press release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Continuing investigations by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee now clearly demonstrate that the Lazard Frères banking group has controlled the Delphi Corporation bankruptcy from all sides. Former Lazard lead partner Felix Rohatyn and his associates at Rothschild Inc., acted as the financial advisors to Delphi from May 2005 up to the week before Delphi's bankruptcy filing. Beginning no later than Nov. 1, 2005, Delphi and the leadership of United Automobile Workers of America, agreed to hire Lazard as financial advisors to the UAW. Delphi paid the fees for Lazard's UAW consultancy.

Delphi's abuse of U.S. bankruptcy laws was succinctly described by Business Week as "globalization by bankruptcy." It is viewed by most informed observers as the first stage of an all-out assault by the same financial predators on General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. The UAW membership, whose living standards are the primary target of the Delphi bankruptcy action, will be told by President Ron Gettelfinger in Las Vegas at the annual Convention which began today, that there are no alternatives to the forced retirements and cheap buyouts of 30,000 production workers, and the shutdown and outsourcing of almost all of Delphi's U.S. productive capacity. Presumably his selling points to a formerly militant membership have been choreographed by "consultant" Lazard.

The LaRouche PAC is presently circulating a 16-page white paper titled "Rohatyn, the French-Nazi Connection." The pamphlet emphasizes that, in his assault on America's industrial base, Rohatyn is acting on behalf of Europe's synarchist bankers. Rohatyn has revived the World War II relationship between Lazard and The Banque Worms Group. U.S. war-time intelligence and the U.S. diplomatic corps identified this grouping as central to the Synarchist banking operations which brought Adolf Hitler to power in Germany and arranged for his conquest of France.

In the same white paper, LaRouche PAC presents detailed documentation showing Rohatyn's control of the Delphi dismantlement through bankruptcy, and Rohatyn's personal actions against Lyndon LaRouche and his plan to save the auto industry and its strategically vital machine-tool capacity through re-tooling. At a webcast on June 9, LaRouche called for an all-out mobilization against Rohatyn and his influence in the Democratic Party, stating that "we have got to kick ass like ass has not been kicked before," if the auto industry and the U.S. economy are to be saved.

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