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The Great `Fool's Oil' Swindle

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Aug. 31, 2006 (EIRNS)—This statement was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The spreading delusion, that the so-called petroleum-crisis can be conquered by the reduction of living plants, such as corn, to a substitute for petroleum, will go down in history with the John Law Bubble and Ponzi scheme, as one of the sorriest mass-delusions ever to plunge a modern nation into destitution and general ruin. The motive which lures credulous people into condoning such unscientific swindles, is essentially of the form expressed by those who are candid about their motives: "To Hell with society; I — me, me, me! — need the money now!"

The quickest way which modern science offers to clarify that point, is the proof by the great Twentieth-Century scientist, Vladimir Vernadsky, first, of the relative rate of increase of the Biosphere, relative to the non-living processes of our plant, and, second, the relative increase of what Vernadsky defined as the combined living and sedimentary mass of the Noosphere.

In brief: The exemplary basis for the creation of the conditions needed for sustaining human life on this planet, is the action of chlorophyll in transforming low-energy-flux-density solar radiation received near the surface of our planet, into the higher energy-flux-density forms of plant life, on which the satisfactory management of the Earth's climate, and progress of human life depend. The key to the physical organization of economic conditions of human life, is the increase of what is termed, as a rule-of-thumb, low energy-flux-density of received solar radiation, to successively higher levels of energy-flux-density, as typified by the succession of production by chlorophyll, use of water-power, burning of wood, burning of coal, coke, petroleum, nuclear-fission, and thermonuclear fusion. The relative decrease of the relative scale of the ostensibly abiotic mass of the planet Earth, to the relatively increasing mass of the Biosphere, and the increase of the mass of the Noosphere to the mass of the Biosphere, illustrates the physical principle to be considered.

The ratios of increase of Biosphere to abiotic planetary mass, and of Noosphere to Biosphere, express a fundamental principle of the organization of the known physical universe: a principle fairly identified as anti-entropy. This is also the principle of anti-entropy exhibited by the generation of the organized Solar system, with its characteristic Periodic Table, from the basis in a fast-spinning solitary Sun, with its lower state of organization to the composition of the Solar system today.

The only basis for sustaining a modern level of human population on this planet, lies in the effects of scientific and related technological and cultural progress. That progress depends, inclusively and characteristically, on mankind's promotion of the density of useful living plant-life per capita and per square kilometer, in which trees represent a higher state of organization and quality of the climate and environment for mankind than the vegetables we grow for the food-cycle: trees absorb more of the Solar radiation! To create a more moderate climate, promote green cover, with an emphasis on trees. At the same time, conserve the environment by increasing reliance on the use of increasing high-energy-flux-density sources of power, such as nuclear-fission and thermonuclear-fusion today. All of these required policies, assume the common physical-economic form of increase of physical, as distinct from merely monetary capital-intensity per capita and per square kilometer. Above half of that investment in physical capital-intensity must be, presently, in the development and maintenance of basic economic infrastructure in, chiefly, the so-called public sector.

In the U.S.A. prior to the rise of the 68ers, the notions which I have just outlined above, represented conventional wisdom. With the coming into maturity of the present upper twenty-percentile of family-income brackets within the 50-to-65 age-interval, there was a so-called "cultural paradigm-shift" downward, away from a producer society, to a consumer society, from a physical economy, to a low-paid, either non-productive, or marginally productive "services economy."

This Baby-Boomer-led, ideological down-shift in intelligence and in morality, is typified by the campaign against nuclear-fission and thermonuclear fusion as the indicated power sources for reaching into a healthy economic future. This represented the same policy of the satanic Olympian Zeus of Aeschylus Prometheus Bound. The doctrine, from the Apollo Delphi cult's Zeus, to the present day, is known in political history as a characteristic expression of what was known then, as now, as "the oligarchical principle." This takes the form of the doctrine that the upper 3% of family-income brackets are to be served, and the lower 80% percentile must slip, more and more into penury and servitude of manual, unskilled labor. Not accidentally, this is the oligarchical principle expressed by the George W. Bush Administration, and by Democrats who purse their lips in the contemplation of the buttocks of the upper 3%.

The tactic of the pro-oligarchical upper 3% and its pursed-lip lackeys, is to fool the credulous into the delusion that "fool's oil" now is a comfort-zone, the future of humanity be damned.

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