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LaRouche: To Solve the `Mexican Crisis,' Get Bush and Cheney Out Now

Sept. 8, 2006 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

In answer to a question from Mexico City, about the prospects for solving the institutional crisis around the Mexican Presidency, during his Sept. 6 Berlin-Washington, D.C. webcast, former Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche replied that there was no solution within Mexico alone. What must be done to prevent uncontrollable crises on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border, is to impeach Bush and Cheney.

LaRouche said:

"Part of the answer to this thing is often in what appear to be negatives. Look, the so-called Hispanic-origin minority in the United States is the largest single minority group in the United States, designated as such. It's a mixture of people who have been in the United States for two or three generations, down to people who are illegal immigrants today. This is mixed with people from other parts of South and Central America, of course, but it's the northern Mexico tier which is most heavily represented. Now, if there is not development in Mexico, and if the United States is going through an economic crisis, which would be a social crisis, then the conditions of people on both sides of the border is such that you have an internal security risk within each nation, and across the borders. Absolutely uncontrollable risk.

"So anybody who is not going to do something about this, should be sent to prison, where they'll have time to think about it, eh? Because we can not tolerate this.

"Now, what's happened—López Obrador has already said, and it's valid, because I recognized the thing immediately, even before he said it. We just happened to collide in saying the same thing. What you have in Mexico today is a replication of the occupation of Mexico by the Emperor Maximilian. That is, the same kind of forces, the same forces which were imposed on Mexico by the combined British, French, Dutch, and Spanish fleet, and with the Austrian pig stuck on the throne, that this is what is happening now with the case of Calderon. To stick a Maximilian on the throne of Mexico, while you have a Benito Juárez in the form of López Obrador, associated with the people. This is an explosive situation for the entire hemisphere of the Americas. And anybody who wants to force the Calderon dictatorship, which is what it's supposed to be—whether that's Calderon's intention or not, I don't know. You want to force that on Mexico? You're going to blow up the hemisphere! And the hemisphere's ready to blow!

"The key thing is, we've got to look at the fact of the matter. What can we do about this? Well, I say we have to get both Cheney and Bush out now. The grounds for doing so—look, Bush is clinically insane. He manifests that, it's an open secret. It's not even an open secret any more, it's a sewer, it's an open sewer. Cheney is a sociopath, who's committed crimes. Why not just impeach the pair of 'em, and get rid of 'em. Send them back to Crawfish Ranch or something.

"We have to do it! You see, the times have come when you can not bargain and solve a problem within the terms that are given. You sometimes have to step outside the definition of the problem, and change the problem, rather than trying to solve the problem. In this case, if we can't solve the problem, then we're not willing to solve the problem, we can't mobilize it, we may have an absolutely hopeless situation! Civilizations have gone to Hell before, and this one can go to Hell too. We're on the edge of it. We're on the edge of it, if we don't do something about it. We've got to get Bush and Cheney out of there now! They should be impeached immediately. And any Democrat or Republican won't do that, is an idiot."

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