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LaRouche: Bush Press Conference Shows Total Denial of Reality—Impeachment Is the Only Option To Save the Country

Nov. 8, 2006 (EIRNS)—The following release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Lyndon LaRouche delivered the following assessment on Nov. 8, 2006, shortly after he watched President George W. Bush's White House press conference.

LaRouche described President Bush as "crazier than ever" and in a state of "total denial of reality," on both the Iraq war and the collapsing U.S. real economy. Throughout the press conference, Bush repeatedly spoke of the prospect of "victory in Iraq," which is delusional, and he was even madder when it came to discussing the U.S. economy. The U.S. economy is gone, yet Bush—oblivious to the plight of the lower 80 percent of income brackets, the collapse of the U.S. auto manufacturing sector, the onrushing blowout of the Alan Greenspin housing bubble—repeatedly claimed that the U.S. economy is doing well. "Sheer madness" is how LaRouche described it.

LaRouche warned that any attempts on the part of the new Democratic majority in the Congress to conciliate with Bush are doomed to failure. Any Democratic leaders who pursue a path of conciliation with the mad President will not last. Bush's comments at the White House press conference were simply "sneaky."

LaRouche went on to say that the strategic and monetary crises are going to hit much harder, now that the midterm election has passed, and that the President is going to crack, visibly, under the weight of those crises. Therefore, the only option available to the Congress and the American people is impeachment. "Both Bush and Cheney have got to be impeached at the earliest possible date. Otherwise the nation has no chance."

LaRouche observed that the election defeat suffered by the Republicans on Nov. 7 was particularly a defeat for Dick and Lynne Cheney. To a certain extent, with the departure of Don Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, and his replacement by nominee Bob Gates, Bush Sr. has taken over. One could call it "the revenge of the father." But, LaRouche concluded, President Bush is still set to crack, and there is nothing that anyone can do to prevent that from happening—and soon. So impeachment is the order of the day.

Note: Lyndon LaRouche will give a webcast Nov. 16, on the topic of "Organizing the Recovery from the Great Crash of 2007." It will commence at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, and be streamed on

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