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Bush Sings His Swan-Song

Nov. 9, 2006 (EIRNS)—Leading Democrat and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. issued this statement today.

Yesterday, President George W. Bush appeared somewhat humbled, but still wildly insane, in his internationally televised delivery to an East Room press audience. The impressive voter turn-out for the election itself, had a great deal to do with causing what was in fact the Bush Presidency's electoral defeat; but the greater part of the credit for that belongs to the combination of an energetic minority fraction among Bush's Democratic and non-partisan opponents, as among youth associated with LPAC. It was also the result, very significantly, of the effects of a revolt from among the patriots within the permanent institutions of the Federal government, as signaled, conspicuously, by outspoken leading figures of the U.S. military.

Bush's already somewhat impressive defeat would have come in the form of a crushing landslide victory for Democrats, but for the sloppy behavior of those opportunistic Democratic Party leaders who, throughout most of 2006, have been more concerned with financial campaign contributions from right-wing financier circles, such as far-right Felix Rohatyn, than the welfare of the nation and its people. In some cases, Democratic candidates earned their victories; in other cases, they won despite their opportunistic lack of response on precisely those issues which remain, now as then, of the most crucial importance to the nation and its people.

Democratic candidates had better learn now, that, in the end, especially under conditions of global economic breakdown-crisis, as today, performance on the real issues of a terrible world crisis will be more important than a pretty face or flashy wardrobe. Such artifacts do not cut a favorable impression among those crucially important, wretchedly poor whom Shakespeare's self-doomed Julius Caesar would regard as presenting "a lean and hungry look."

As a result of this combination of trends and developments, the situation facing the world in general, and the U.S.A. in particular, is far more deadly after the Democratic Party's victories, than before.

To wit, President Bush exposes himself as being either stupid or insane, when he asserts that the U.S. is in a state of prosperity. The non-existent prosperity which he proclaims so madly, is on the verge of the greatest and deepest physical-economic, as well as financial collapse in modern European history since the end of the Thirty Years War. To wit, as leading military and intelligence services' veterans warn, there is presently no U.S. military course in Iraq with which to stay. The U.S. under the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld band has subjected our republic to a self-inflicted humiliation, and a presently onrushing danger, even far worse in its implications than the folly of the U.S. Indo-China war.

The immediate problem now, is that every policy associated with the George W. Bush, Jr. Administration over nearly six years, has been a net disaster. This is a general disaster threatening the welfare of generations yet to come, unless we act soon to reverse the wrong-headed policies which our electorate has already tolerated much too long.

The Crisis Now Before Us

The pivotal feature of the world crisis now spelling doom for a U.S. under a continuation of a George W. Bush Administration, is the presently onrushing general breakdown-crisis of the entire world's present monetary-financial system. As I emphasized, once again, from Berlin, in my Oct. 31, 2006 international webcast address and remarks, there is no effective reform which could be undertaken successfully within the framework of the existing world monetary-financial system.

The present world monetary-financial system is a dollar-denominated system, a system upon which the majority of the outstanding indebtedness of the entire world is dependent. That dollar is not simply a U.S. dollar; it has been, since 1971-72, a world currency denominated as premised upon the U.S.'s ability to defend what is presently the unsupportable ability of the U.S. government to prop up the value of that nominal world currency. At the time any significant sudden decline in the valuation attributed to that dollar occurs, there would be an immediate, chain-reaction collapse of the world's entire monetary-financial system, a collapse comparable to what struck Europe with the collapse of the Lombard banking house of Bardi during the Fourteenth Century.

Only if we put the entire world system into bankruptcy-reorganization by a concert of leading and other governments, and if we debride the financier derivatives and related claims from the accounts through bankruptcy-reorganization of existing national systems, could relevant agreements on recovery measures be struck in a timely fashion.

For example, in the case of the U.S.A. itself, a "bank holiday" would be required, to prevent a chain-reaction sort of speculative disruption of essential functional elements of banking. This would mean putting the present Federal Reserve System into government-directed bankruptcy-reorganization. The first measures would be directed to maintaining stability for family households and essential business and professional functions. The measures of reorganization-in-bankruptcy would clear the way for creation of masses of Federally-created credit for emergencies and for long-term capital investment in new basic economic infrastructure in the public sector, and matching, related expansion of technologically-advanced modes in agriculture and manufacturing.

This would require an abandonment of all "free trade" measures introduced during and since 1971-1981, and return to a protectionist, "fair trade" policy, as replacement for the ruinous "free trade" policies of the post-1960s interval.

The purging of the monetary-financial system of obligations on account of gambling and related pure speculation, such as "financial derivatives," would allow the establishment of new international agreements among a significant number of nations, forcing the world to return to the principles of a fixed-exchange-rate system. Without such a fixed-exchange-rate system, no recovery from the presently onrushing general collapse of the world system would be possible. It would not be a U.S.-based system, but a U.S.-dollar-denominated system based on long-term treaty agreements among, principally, leading nations of Eurasia and the Americas, but also covering the urgent need of development in Africa.

This means impeachment of both the President and Vice-President now. The greatest monetary-financial crash in modern history is onrushing now. Drastic reforms made, largely, in concert with the willing among leading nations, now, will determine the future of the U.S.A., and all humanity for a generation or more to come. We can not postpone that decision—unless our political leaders were idiots—until January 2009.

One would prefer that both the President and Vice-President go quietly. That would prompt a kindly reaction on our part: "Go with God, but go!"

Where are the political leaders who have the guts which I have for such an urgent enterprise on behalf of both our republic and civilization generally? Those who lack the disposition for that specific expression of guts, are not leaders, and should not be supported as would-be leaders.

Who Is Our Enemy?

As I have emphasized repeatedly, Europe would be behaving very stupidly if it attempted to blame every problem of the world on the U.S.A. Admittedly, the George W. Bush Administration has been a global disaster; but, the policy he represents did not originate inside the U.S.A. His Administration's policies have been imported from those Anglo-Dutch Liberal circles, and their neo-conservative offshoots, in Europe, who have sought to induce the U.S.A. to discredit, bankrupt, and destroy itself. To destroy itself by such means as the policies which represent Anglo-Dutch Liberal styles in international financier interest. There are the interests using their influence over U.S. channels typified by circles such as those of the architect of both Chile's Pinochet government and this Bush Administration, George P. Shultz. These latter are, historically, the same channels based among European Liberal financier interests which have been working to undermine and destroy the patriotic legacy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt since the last breath of that President.

The principal strategic significance of the existence of the U.S.A. since its founding, has been as an expression of the best cultural heritages of modern European civilization transported to a place across the ocean, at a relevant distance from the immediate reach of the seats of European oligarchical traditions. Those European oligarchical traditions, especially the Anglo-Dutch Liberal global geopolitical tradition which has been the sponsor of the leading traitors and the like among us ever since 1763-1789, have recognized the U.S., especially since the victory of President Abraham Lincoln's U.S.A. over the Confederacy puppets of Lord Palmerston's Britain, as the greatest threat to the Anglo-Dutch Liberals' long-standing intent, since 1763, to establish a form of world empire called "globalization" today.

It was for that awkward reason, that Anglo-Dutch Liberals and their U.S. accomplices hated the President Franklin Roosevelt who led in defeating the Hitler machine.

I know, and also remember these Liberal types very well; they are, and have been my personal enemies, such as opponent of the FDR legacy Felix Rohatyn; George Soros; and the circles of that John Train who is closely tied to the operations of Mrs. Lynne Cheney's ACTA (American Council of Trustees and Alumni) and related pro-fascist operations. These types have hated and feared me bitterly since the early 1970s, and especially since President Ronald Reagan's March 1983 announcement of his proposal for a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) as a replacement for a regime of "revenge weapons."

Look at the facts which confront us now. The effect of the George W. Bush Administration, has been to bring our economy down into a condition worse than national bankruptcy, and the ruin of the lives of most of our population and the communities in which they live. Never in living memory has the respect for the U.S. as a nation been brought so low as under the George W. Bush Administration; if you doubt that in the least, you have no idea of what is actually going on in the world at large!

Supporting the Bush-Cheney regime would not be an act of patriotism. There is no threat to the U.S. anywhere on this planet, as much as the threat to us which the Bush-Cheney Administration has created by its complicity in promoting the Europe-based Anglo-Dutch Liberal game.

Come on folks! Are you actually dumb enough to think that either Bush or "Shot-Gun Dickie" Cheney is smart enough to have designed the disaster which grips the fate of our nation and its people today? Both of them are actually no more than intellectually and morally deranged puppets, who have been foisted upon us, while most citizens who should have recognized this fact, were, in effect, sleeping at the switch, or so obsessed with what they perceived as their personal short-term interests, that they showed no efficient care for the welfare of their nation and its posterity as a whole.

Impeach that worse-than-useless Bush-Cheney pair while we still have a nation which exists to forgive them for what they have done. Let them go kindly; let them go humanely, but "humanely" means that they must go, and that quickly, for the sake of our nation, and also for all humanity, too. Those who lack the political guts for that great send-off should not be treated as leaders inside the U.S.A.

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